Finding package free produce- a trip with my children to the greengrocers

This morning, my children and I packed up some snacks and water bottles and took a drive in our car to run some errands. We stopped by a greengrocers to pick up some fruit and vegetables. I visited this same place last week and took home one of their boxes and some paper bags as I didn’t have anything to use on me at the time. Today, we brought back their box and paper bags and we brought our own re-usable produce bags and shopping bags in case we needed them.

Plastic Free porduceThis greengrocers has been trying to reduce their plastic packaging by leaving a good portion of what they sell loose. Items like cherry tomatoes which are often seen in supermarkets in plastic tubs are sold loose here. You take the items that are sitting in a little cardboard box as seen in the picture above to the counter and you can transfer them into one of their paper bags or in something else of your choice.

We put all of the produce we purchased straight into a large cardboard box and the cherry tomatoes and mushrooms went into the same paper bag that I used last week at this store. The grapes and larger tomatoes went into one of my produce bags so they didn’t get squished.

Reusable produce bags

Package free produce
The produce we came home with today.
Plastic free produce
Some of the plastic free produce I came home with last week.

We have been discussing the upcoming Plastic Free July 2018 challenge at home and looking at more ways this year we can further reduce our waste. If you haven’t seen it the War on Waste 4 part ABC Series is really interesting and so is the Netflix documentary A Plastic Ocean.

It was really lovely having my children shop with me this morning. It’s a great way to get children directly involved in reducing waste consumption. Both of my children help me to sort our rubbish and recycling bins at the end of the week which really keeps us accountable.

We are in no ways perfect and our home is not plastic free, we just do what we can. We look at it as ‘progress not perfection’.

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