My Top 5 Daily Self-Care Practices

To support an overall healthier well-being I focus on a few daily self-care (self-love) practices. These practices have changed over the years but I think I have found the simplest ones for me to maintain consistency. If I do happen to for whatever reason not end up doing one or more than one of these practices during the day, I don’t stress myself out over it. It’s just nice to find time to be able to do something that I feel better for at the end of the day.

1.Wake first:  I have found that waking a bit earlier than the rest of the family, I feel less rushed and better organised. I definitely didn’t do this when my children were younger as I valued any extra sleep I could get and I was never much of a morning person. Things change though and I rather like waking up when the sun is coming up. On occasion one or both of my children are up as early as me, it’s fine as we all still have plenty of time together and for ourselves in the morning. We also pre-pack school bags and prep my children’s lunch boxes the night before so there isn’t all that much to do in the morning.

2.Stay hydrated– Sounds simple enough, but it’s so easy to forget to drink enough water throughout the day especially during the colder months. If I am driving for parts of the day, I will keep a filled up glass or stainless steel water bottle in the car. If I am out and about on foot, I will carry a water bottle with me. My children always see me drinking water, which is a good way to model  ‘good water drinking habits’. We do sometimes drink home made smoothies or juices or coconut water, however plain water is what we all drink the most.

3. Pack myself ‘healthy’ food to go for the day (snacks and lunch): These days, all four of us when not staying at home have packed snacks and lunches to go. The easiest way to do this is to make them all up at the same time. I have been a bit lazy with this in the past, more forgetting to pack myself something healthy, but If I don’t I am tempted to buy food when out or simply forget and end up skipping a meal which I don’t like to do.

healthy packed food to go.jpg

healthy food on the go.jpg
My 4-year-old and I spent yesterday morning out and about on an ‘adventure’. We packed up some fruit and sandwiches and took our water bottles and backpacks to carry it all. No money spent, no waste made and we were able to eat something healthy as soon as we were hungry.

4. Sun salutations: simple 10-15 mins worth of stretches. I really feel the difference when I skip a day. I will either do this on my own or with my children if they are awake at the time as they love to join in as well. We also often do a bit of yoga together.

5. Dry skin brushing: Some do this daily and some do this a couple of times a week. I aim to do dry skin brushing daily before showering. To read more about the benefits of dry skin brushing click here.

daily dry skin brushing

Other simple self-care ideas;

  • Meditation- The HeadSpace app is great if you are a beginner and need some guidance.
  • Time in nature/Forest bathing
  • Daily walks
  • Exercise (swim, ride a bike, yoga)
  • Read
  • Listen to an audio book/podcast or music
  • Writing/journalling
  • Aromatherapy for diffusing or in a bath.
  • Time with friends, family or on your own.
  • Unplug- electronic/social media detox

In other news- this weekend we have a children’s Birthday party to attend, I have a bag full of library books to cover and I am finishing of an Interview with Nourishing Minimalism for Rachel’s ‘House Tour’ series. Next week is also the last week of school for my children and then they are on a school break.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.


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