What my Plant-based children ate in a day (at 4 and 6 years)

Inspired by Mama Eats Plants ‘What I ate in a Day‘ series which I have found to be really interesting and inspiring, I thought I would do the same and share what my children ate whilst at home yesterday.

Plant based breakfast

Breakfast: Porridge mixed with a bit of plant-based milk, flaxseed meal and almond meal with strawberries and banana slices.

Plant based snackPlant based muesli and fruit snack

Snack/lunch: the glass jar on the left contains coconut yoghurt, muesli which contains grains, nuts and seeds, raspberries, apple, kiwi fruit and cherries with coconut flakes on the top. The glass jar on the right (my 4 year olds) contained the same fruit with home-made chia berry jam instead of the muesli. As a little treat they had a medjool date with nut butter and dairy-free chocolate chips. My 4-year-old also had some dried cranberries and a few brown rice and seaweed crackers and my 6-year-old had some almonds.

Plant based smoothieLate afternoon smoothies: Orange, papaya, pineapple, carrot and celery. Plant based dinner

Dinner: Home-made lentil and vegetable pastries with mashed potato and cauliflower on the side, some steamed vegetables mostly for my youngest and a large raw vegetable salad, plus an avocado to share. My 4-year-old chose not to have any avocado but had beetroot instead.






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