A few things (our school holidays so far and a DIY bento box idea)

Hi there,

Sorry for the lack of posts, but we have really been enjoying the school holidays together with very few distractions. We have spent time with our extended family and friends, time just as a family enjoying the great outdoors and lots of quiet time at home. We haven’t filled every day with activities but just allowed for lots of down time, to do our own thing, but to also rest and connect.

Lego play at home.jpg
Working through Lego instructions together.

We always discuss each school holiday as to how my children would like to spent it (if we are not travelling anywhere specific). My children both came up with a couple of ideas (aside from seeing friends and family) to do away from home such as park play (we like to kick and throw a ball around) at different parks/nature reserves, go the the botanic gardens for a bush walk, play and picnic, visit the library, cafe time (just us for hot drinks) and watch a movie with pillows, blankets, soft toys and yummy snacks. Simple ideas, but ones that bring a lot of joy.

Self directed sewing at 6 years of age.jpg
Some self-directed sewing-making a rabbit plush toy.

Outdoors colourful playdough play.jpg

Colourful Playdough play at home.jpg
Colourful playdough play outdoors. I usually make our playdough but a friend gave us a bunch of coloured playdough to use.

DIY Bento snack/lunch container: So I saw this ‘Kmart Hack’ idea online and only yesterday realised we already had similar items at home, so I tried it to see if it works and it does. It’s a large silicone ice-block tray with the edges cut to fit into an approx 620ml glass food storage container.

DIY bento lunch or snack box.jpg
This is my container. I am thinking it could be used for school snacks but will work well for travel snacks.

We plan on doing a bit of gardening together this week, mostly just re-potting plants, so I may have a post about this and some other photos of what we get up to the rest of the school holidays.




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