A few things- what we got up to this week in the school holidays and a look at next weeks posts

School goes back for us in a couple of days. Both of my children are excited to go back especially my eldest who has really been missing her friends and school work funny enough.

This last week of holidays has been a relaxing one. We spent some time just at home, but also a couple of mornings out exploring some nature reserves and parks and like we always do, packed our own food and enjoyed a picnic. We also went on a lovely rainforest walk.

Barefoot and balanced
Barefoot and balanced! My children spent over an hour creating this- they collected and carried lots of rocks to this space and stacked them. I didn’t ask them what they were creating as they were both really focused at the time and I didn’t want to disturb them.

We also spent one day last week planting and re-potting some indoor and outdoor plants. We have been lucky to have received so many plants from friends and family- mostly from cuttings, so we have accumulated some lovely plants. We keep some and pass some on to others as well once our plants have grown offshoots.

Gardening with kids
Both of my children just love gardening.
Kids vertical garden
I love the look of a vertical garden especially when short on outdoor space.

New plants for indoorssucculent and cacti plants

Outdoor veranda plants
Jade plant and bamboo plants. We have received/collected and grown some lucky bamboo plants for a while and felt like it was time to put them all together. I am not sure if they need a bigger pot?

Next weeks posts:

  1. Food- school snack/lunchbox post (my children’s food for the week)
  2. Food- this weeks Grocery hall (what I shopped for- fruit, veg and pantry items)


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