This weeks Plant-based grocery hall (July 2018)

Good morning,

Here is this weeks grocery hall. We already had plenty of our staples at home such as pasta, rice, lentils, chickpeas, nuts and seeds and many of our other household items, so this shop was mainly just a top up of fresh produce and a few pantry/fridge items we were out of.

All of these produce items came loose. I used reusable produce bags, some paper bags and a cardboard box to carry these items to my car.
  1. Apples, grapes, bananas for snacks and school
  2. Sweet potato for curry, sweet potato fries and for hamburger patties.
  3. Pineapple will likely be chopped and frozen for smoothies
  4. Lemon/lime (lemon slices in water in the mornings) and used as a simple dressing
  5. Corn- part of it for lunches and the rest of the kernels will be frozen for future use.
  6. Carrots- raw for salads and school lunches but also cooked for dinner.
  7. Spinach for salads and smoothies
  8. Mushrooms eaten both raw (salad) and cooked likely for a hot breakfast on toast
  9. Tomatoes- for salad, pasta sauce and school lunches
  10. Snow peas– raw for salads, lunch boxes and cooked in stirfry. Sometimes I will freeze the excess.
  11. Potatoes- for a potato and vegetable pie and home-made chips alongside the sweet potato chips/fries.
  12. Avocado- I purchased two but gave one away. I will just use this one in a salad.
  13. Onion- we don’t use onion very often but I will add some of this to a curry and a stirfry.
These items were purchased at a bulk food store. I store the dates, flaxseeds and almonds in the fridge and quinoa in our pantry.
  1. Medjool dates– these will last us a long time, but I will use some to make some bliss balls for school lunches, otherwise they are mostly just there to snack on.
  2. Flaxseeds– I will grind most of the seeds up to make flaxseed meal which we will use to sprinkle on foods such as home-made muesli topped with coconut yoghurt and fresh fruit. I will also use some to make flaxseed crackers.
  3. Quinoa– Quinoa also lasts us a while. I will use some of it for home-made tabouli to go with falafels and some if it will be used as a side dish for curry and made into hamburger patties with sweet potato.
  4. Almonds– these will be used mostly to make nut milk and blended into raw desserts.

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