This weeks school lunches and snacks (July 2018)

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My children have just finished their first week back at school. Today’s post is what food my children chose and packed for school. You may notice that my daughter is not using her Planet Box ‘Rover like she normally does- as seen in previous lunch box posts. She wanted to try something different this school term so she is using one of our other Lunchbots stainless steel storage containers. These lunches and snacks are plant-based (meat and dairy free) and nut free (nut free school).

Plant based school lunch and snacks- day 1I talk to my children about ‘rainbow food’ when packing snacks and lunch. My eldest is more interested in this at her age, so she tries to add variety of colour to her snacks and lunch. We don’t worry too much about getting the perfect ratio of protein, fats and carbs for school meals as long as they are getting a good variety of foods throughout the day.

Both of my children have a good breakfast and a quick bite just before school starts in the morning. Aside from morning tea and lunch at school, they also have afternoon tea (at school pick up time) and then dinner making it easy enough to get lots of nutrients throughout the day.

Plant based school lunch and snacks- day 2Having my children pack their own food helps give them choices (what foods they want and how much to eat) from what we keep in our fridge and pantry. Sometimes they don’t pack enough or they pack too much, so this is a great way to learn about how much food their bodies need. Drink wise- both of my children just drink water from their stainless steel water bottles.

Plant-based school lunch and snacks- day 3
My children always take their own reusable cloth napkin and stainless steel cutlery.

PB school lunch and snacks day 4.jpg

I will do some more posts like this throughout the school term so you can see how things change as my children get older. I am always looking for healthy, preferably mostly wholefood school snack and lunchbox inspiration so I find these kind of posts really helpful.

The stainless steel lunchboxes shows above are the Lunchbots Duo and Lunchbots Quad.


4 thoughts on “This weeks school lunches and snacks (July 2018)

  1. Hi. I have a quick question and hope you don’t find it offensive. Just seeking to understand. Hen I look at the contents of the lunches or snacks or such things, I normally get the feeling that these things can’t possibly fill up a person. So what do ull eat for meals that fill u up? I went vegan for quite a bit of time and I remember eating eggplant burgers, chickpea burgers, rice and lentils, veggie curries, potato patties, etc.

    1. Hi there, oh gosh no offence at all. School days- my children eat a decent filling breakfast at around 7am then something small about 8.30am before school starts as sometimes they miss morning tea for whatever reason, then morning tea around 9.30/10am, then lunch around 1pm I think and afternoon tea around pickup time 3.30pm and then diner about 5.30pm. So plenty of time for food during the day. They don’t go hungry. They also are not given a lot of time for morning tea or lunch so we pack mostly finger foods that can be eaten pretty quickly- sometimes leftover hot food including soup. My youngest is only at school a few days a week and only for the mornings so he is home for lunch. Above is an example of what they chose to pack for those days at school as I like to give them independence and freedom of choice. Next week their food choices may be different. I will do more posts like this so you get some idea.

      We eat the same kinds of foods as you mentioned above using quinoa, rice, lentils, chickpeas, tofu, nuts and seeds, seaweed, pasta, breads, oats, beans, sprouts, microgreens etc. I post on Instagram @plantbasedwithkids if you want to see some meal examples…but yeah curries, hamburgers, falafel wraps, soups and stews often we make Mexican or Asian inspired foods.

      1. Ok. Thanks. Will definitely check out ur other insta. It is something I strive for being plant based as much as possible but I yoyo towards it. It will give me a better understanding. Thanks for taking the time to reply. 🙂

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