A few things and a look at next weeks posts

Hi there,

I hope you have all had a lovely week so far. It’s my children’s second week back at school and they have both settled back in to a new rhythm really well with lots of excitement and anticipation for the new term and all the new things they will get to learn and do.

I will have two posts, possibly one over the weekend and one early next week. I thought I would write about what my daughter and I get up to on Saturday as my youngest has a Birthday party to go to with his dad. It can be a bit hard for a sibling when they are not invited to a Birthday party, but my daughter and I have a few simple things planned for the morning. I will also have a post on a couple of things my six year old has been learning in her Montessori Lower Primary (Cycle 2) class.

Children's peace corner
My daughter’s desk which is by a window. This is her ‘Peace Corner’ as she likes to call it- the idea taken from her Montessori classroom. The peace dove salt dough ornament we made around Christmas time last year. Link to the tutorial HERE

I am still learning about what goes on in a Montessori Cycle Two classroom, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Also, I wrote in a previous blog post about a talk that I was hoping to give at my children’s school about how to care for the environment which it looks like I will hopefully give in a couple of weeks. It seems the school is already having a similar talk from a local organisation also around the same time, so I will wait and see what they discuss first.

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