Out and about- time with my 6 year old

Good morning,

Yesterday I spent the morning just with Miss 6 whilst her brother was at a Birthday party with his dad. Sometimes both of my children get invited to the same Birthday party and others times they don’t. This was an opportunity for Miss 6 and I to spend some quality time together and do some things we both enjoy.

Thrift shopping:

Firstly, we popped into a thrift store to have a browse around and ended up finding a beautiful basket art caddy (that’s what I am presuming it is for?), a skirt, a couple of other little baskets to hold some Montessori materials and two drinking glasses. Aside from the glasses, clearly these purchases were more of a ‘want than actual need’.

thrift shopping- baskets for work materials

thrift shopping- art supplies basket
Still working on what supplies to put in here. The basket is large but lightweight and can easily be moved around without too much trouble, so great to do some outdoors art.
thrift shop basket and 3D shapes for maths work.jpg
and here is how I used one of the thrift store baskets- so pretty!

Library: After thrift shopping we took our previously borrowed books back to the library and browsed around to take some new ones home. We often come home with around 11-20 books, mostly story books appropriate for both of my children to read. We also get some seasonal books and sometimes some Readers. We didn’t choose any Readers this time.

library time at 6 years
Miss 6 chose a book on reptiles. Here we are sitting at a reading booth looking through some books. I love library time.

Wholefoods store and cafe:

After Library time and a chance to read a couple of books together, we visited a Wholefoods store which I had heard about from friends but never been in before. It sold lots of organic food, some bulk foods, but overall a huge amount of packaging and was really pricey. We didn’t end up purchasing anything, just had a really good look around. I wish there had been a Source bulk food store around as I would have preferred to have taken Miss 6 into that kind of store to look around and maybe choose something new to take home and try. After looking through the Wholefoods store we went for a walk and managed to find a lovely, quiet little cafe and had hot drinks and a long chat.

Picnic at a park:

We had planned on driving straight home after the cafe but ended up picking up some hot chips and stopping by a park to have a little picnic under a tree and a play in the playground as the weather was just perfect.

park picnic.jpg
Not so healthy picnic but gosh we love hot chips. We at least combined the chips with a few other slightly healthier foods we brought with us.

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