Montessori at 6 years (at home and at school)

For those who may be interested I thought I would share some things that Miss 6 has become interesting in doing (practising) at home. Most of these things she was introduced to in her new Montessori lower Primary classroom.

Music: At school she has music class once a week and just recently was introduced to the recorder among other instruments. So far she has learnt to play a few songs and has been doing some online research (with supervision) at home on how to learn to play other simple songs as she said she wants to ‘teach herself to play’. Miss 6 has started to record these songs/notes in a music book for reference and has been practising playing the recorder almost daily this past week. This has now sparked an interest in her younger brother who now also wants to learn to play the recorder.

learning the recorder at 6 years of age

Music book for home sheet writing practice.jpgAt home Miss 6 has continued to practice the keyboard as well which she just loves. You can read about it HERE. Luckily for her, both of her Grandmas can play the keyboard/piano and her dad has had piano lessons in the past so he helps her as well.

Language: Miss 6’s classroom is Language rich which she loves. She has a passion for reading and writing. At the moment she has been practising story writing in cursive and has become very interested in learning to spell more complex words.

Language writing books for home and school.jpg

Currently she uses exercise book Year 2 in her lower primary classroom¬†for writing and used the exercise Book 1 when she was in Children’s House (from approx 4.5 years- 6 years of age). At the end of each school term she brings home her filled books and has been keeping them for reference and for her brother to use when he is ready if he wants to practice at home. We have been keeping a couple of extra books (both Year 1 and Year 2) for both of my children with all their other writing supplies.

language books for cursive writing practice for home and school.jpg
An example of these books with the Year 1 book on the left and Year 2 book on the right.

French: Miss 6 has now done approximately 13 weeks of French lessons at school. She has a one lesson once a week. Using the same workbook that she practices writing in, she has been writing down what she has been learning and on occasion asking for me to help her look something up is she cannot remember how to write or pronounce something in French. So far she has learnt colours, numbers 1-10, an alphabet song, how to say her name and how old she is as well as some other names of things such as animals, fruits and vegetables in French. During last school term she was getting a bit upset as she felt she couldn’t keep up with some of the other children and also had some trouble hearing what her Teacher was saying, but now she is back to being really excited and feeling more confident about learning French.

Maths: I actually have no idea for the most part what she is learning, but she asked me to pick her up a couple of Grid books like the ones she used in Children’s House and now in Lower Primary for her at home. I think writing what she has learnt in these books helps her to process what she has learn and then she is easily able to go back over any work if she feels she needs to.

maths book for home and school.jpg
Miss 6 uses this work book to practice Binary (Base-2), Coding and has been writing Roman Numerals as this is what she says she has been doing at school this term.

I do what I can to help support both of my children’s learning by listening to them, observing and following their lead, providing some basic materials and a learning rich environment.

Miss 6 has such a thirst for knowledge and really enjoys spending time at home doing some kind of self-directed work, usually research on different topics. She also really enjoys and is interested in sewing (embroidery) and learning to cook. She also still loves yoga! It’s such an inquisitive age.

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