Getting out and about- our week in photos

You may have read my recent Interview with Theresa from Montessori in Real Life and noticed that the link to her blog has been down. Theresa was in the process of changing platforms but her beautiful blog is now up and running if you would like to take a look at it HERE.

I spent one morning this past week in my son’s Montessori classroom to help as reading support. Usually we work inside the classroom but this time as the weather was perfect we worked at a little table outside. My son did some Practical Life flower arranging work before I arrived and set up the little flowers on the table for me.

Using Readers in a Montessori classroom
This is a photo of my son using a Miss Rhonda’s book from Set 2. His reading is really coming along. It’s something he takes great pleasure in doing.

Recently I took on a new roll at my children’s school and part of that role I get to help organise a collaborative Art project with a group of 3-6 year olds (approx 19 children in total). As part of an Art festival all the children will have the chance to paint a flower (botanic theme) on a little canvas seen below. For inspiration we will have real flowers on the table as well as some photos of flowers for the children to look at.

This canvas is Mont Mart brand and is approx 10.2 x 10.2cm. I have been given several of these plus some watercolour paints for the children to use. I would normally use acrylic paints on canvas, so I will do a trial run to see how these watercolour paints work out on this canvas. Once finished and dried all of the children’s canvas prints will be put together to make one large picture to be hung up for display. Childrens art project.jpgOver the weekend we visited a strawberry farm for strawberry picking. Children seem to just love picking fruit. There was lots of families there at the time and the children were really having a great time.

Strawberry picking at 6 years

Strawberry picking at a farm
The perfect shirt for strawberry picking.
Family time strawberry picking
Picking strawberries with Dad. I think this may be the only photo of my husband on this blog?
Children's garden space.jpg
By the end of the weekend we decided to plant our own strawberry patch. This is one of our little garden nooks as we have zero grass in our courtyard and very little space for plants, so pots work. 

On Sunday we went exploring. We tend to look for free family friendly places to visit that are preferably outdoors. An outdoor picnic and play is always appreciated.

outdoor childrens play space.jpg

KIds nature playground.jpg

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