Evolving spaces (nature table, peace space and calendar) plus a few things

Well hello there,

I took a couple of photos of a shelf in Miss 6’s room after she re-decorated it. I would love to have our nature table in a shared space in our house but there just isn’t room anywhere else at the moment. But here, my youngest still gets to enjoy it. I mentioned sometime in July that Miss 6 wanted to trial her own room. We are now at the stage where yes, my children want to have their own room, but at night time they sleep in the same room, which works the best for everyone. This just means that one of my children is back to sleeping on a floor mattress at night, but that doesn’t seem to bother them.

Nature and peace tableFor Miss 6, even though her Sensitive Period for ‘Sense of Order’ is not as strong since moving to the Second Plane of Development, she still thrives on a tidy, peaceful home. I do the best I can to keep the whole of our house tidy (not always possible), but If anything, we keep toys in their bedrooms to a minimum, which keeps the clean up at the end of the day much easier. It’s nice to go to sleep and wake up to tidy bedrooms. Nature table

Both of my children love to display art, indoor plants and natural (mostly found) items such as feathers, shells, seed pods, pinecones (a basket of these on my son’s desk) etc in their rooms. To them, it not only looks beautiful, but it brings a sense of peace, love and connection to the natural world.

The two items, not new in our home, but new on this table is my children’s affirmation cards (Nurture Cards- Positive Thought Cards) which we just love. When Miss 6 wakes up in the morning she changes one of the cards and reads it to herself. Quite often she will come and tell me which card she has picked for the day. The other change is the above blackboard which Miss 6 likes to write the full date each day. They do something very similar in both my son’s Montessori Children’s House classroom (for 3-6 year olds) and Miss 6’s Lower Primary, Cycle 2 classroom (for 6-9 year olds).

Next to this table on the wall is our hanging calendar pocket chart which you can see HERE. We still use this calendar every single day. My youngest is now the one who changes the pocket calendar each month, whereas Miss 6 prefers to write out the day/date each day. They do both like to write notes of any upcoming events and add it to the calendar.

I also wanted to mention that I updated one of my precious posts- Talking to Children about (life and death and lifetimes in between) which you can read HERE. I added a photo of a picture Miss 6 drew recently which I wanted to share with you.


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