Over the weekend- Father’s Day

Over the weekend we celebrated Father’s Day for my Dad and for my children’s Dad. On the Saturday around midday, we popped over to see my Dad. Both my 4 year old and 6 year old had made these Vegan banana bread loaves which is a Dreena Burton recipe and gave my Dad some Pana chocolate bars. We set up a couple of platters of oven baked foods on a table for everyone to share and spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying each others company.

Fathers Day banana bread loaves
Yes slightly overcooked but still yummy.

On the Sunday, my children made a ‘breakfast in bed’ tray for their dad. They made a fresh orange and apple juice, a fruit salad topped with fresh mint and helped to cook up some savoury and sweet pastries.

Kids in the kitchen- Fathers Day breakfast

Fathers Day breakfast
I forgot to take a photo of the tray with the pastries on it. It did all look so beautiful. 

After breakfast we packed up a picnic including fresh fruit and vegies, seaweed, bread sticks, brown rice crackers, hummus dip and our water bottles, back packs and hats as we were going to be outside for part of the day. We did get cafe hot drinks before the picnic and a Vegan coconut-based iced cream before heading home.


Fathers Day picnic

Fathers Day picnic walk
Going on a Father’s Day family walk and the weather was perfect!

Fathers Day picnic dinnerFor dinner, we had pizza, garlic bread, plus a salad with a little balsamic vinegar and apple puree dressing which my 6 year old just loves. Some of the salad vegies (carrots and broccoli) were left over from the mornings picnic, so we used them to make a salad with dinner adding avocado, lettuce and a bit more apple and tomatoes.

I will have a couple of posts up soon;

  1. DIY wooden Geo board which is currently a work in progress
  2. Cork board ‘ideas/vision board’ that my children are both using

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