DIY wooden Geoboard

Today I finally finished making our wooden Geoboard for both of my children to use at home. We have had a plastic one in the past which was a lot smaller but unfortunately cracked and we could no longer use it. This one is simply made with a wooden chopping board, a hammer and some nails. Luckily we didn’t need to purchase anything as all of the items needed we already had on hand.

Materials for DIY geoboard.jpg
Materials used- wooden chopping board, hammer, nails, ruler, pencil, eraser and rubber bands.

If you are making one yourself, you can make them as large or small as you like. For younger children you may like to space out the nails a bit more but it’s not necessary. For this one there are 6 rows with 9 nails in each row with an approx 4cm space between each nail. I could have added more nails but decided not too. My 4.5 year old has a much smaller version of this Geoboard on the work shelves in his Montessori Children’s House classroom. I think this board can easily be used for the 3-9 year age group. You could just leave it up to your children to use the board creatively as they please or you could download printable Geoboard pattern or activity cards to go with it.

Another way of making a Geoboard is using a cork mat or cork board with push pins, which would be much quicker and easier time wise.

DIY wooden childrens geoboard.jpg
Miss 6’s flower.
Childrens geoboard.jpg
Miss 6 initially experimented making shapes and then creating pictures.

Another way you could use a board like this is for String Art. Both of my children have been introduced to String Art at school, but I think would be something lovely to do at home as well.


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