My children’s Ideas board- (dream board)

Lately my children created an ‘ideas board’, simply using a cork board, pins, paper, pencil and eraser as a way to gather some of their thoughts and ideas and for a little source of inspiration. Instead of collecting, cutting out and pasting a collage of images or words, they have been simply writing down some of the things that interest them. Both boards are displayed where they have easy access to them to add to or change as they like.

Ideas board- children's vision board.jpg

Miss 6’s ideas board.

Children's ideas board- at 4.5 years.jpg
Mr 4’s ideas board

My children sat side-by-side and discussed their ideas the first time they used their boards as you may see that some of what they wrote down is similar. We had already spoken about lots of ways they could use this board, but ultimately I left it up to them to use as they please.

For example Miss 6 wrote down; coding, embroidery, swimming (learn swimming strokes), magic (magic tricks), French, cook (cook and bake more at home) and art (take a children’s art class). More recently she added paper folding (Origami), do a 300 piece jigsaw puzzle and learn about crystals, rocks and minerals.

My youngest, whose writing has really come along more recently, wrote down (with a little help from me with spelling); sports (he wants to learn how to play lots of different sports), sew, magic, swim (learn to swim), cook and code (=coding) which he has become interested in since his sister was introduced to it at school. There has been a few more things that he has added since I took the above photos, such as ‘grow some flowers’ which we did over last weekend and go on a picnic/scooter ride which we also did.

It will be interesting to see how their boards evolve over time. Either way it’s a bit of fun!

Next week I will have a post with photos of my Plant-based recipe book collection and I will also be working on another lovely Interview for you, for my Montessori and Simple Family Living series which you can read some of them HERE.

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