Celebrating the seasons- Spring wreath decorating

Over the weekend we celebrated the beginning of Spring (in Australia) by changing up our wreath display which currently hangs above our nature table which you can view HERE. We hadn’t actually changed our wreath since around Christmas time in December of last year which you can see HERE. We plan to decorate it again closer to Christmas time which will be our Summer time.

Spring wreath decorating 4Miss 6 chose the flowers and prepped everything for decorating. The only items not show here but used is some metal craft wire and some wooden alphabet beads. Spring wreath decorating 2Without any instruction I left Miss 6 to decorate the wreath any way she liked. She was joined by her younger brother whom she helped to decorate half the wreath. Spring Wreath decorating 3Spring wreathI think their wreath looks lovely. Any left over flowers were put into little glass jars and placed around the house and a couple of flowers were put into one of my books for leaf pressing. Miss 6 plans on using the pressed flowers in her nature journal. You can see a pic of what this journal looks like HERE. It’s a Mont Marte brand.

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