Our school holidays so far

Hi there,

We are really enjoying these school holidays, with not much scheduled and plenty of down time. The first week we had an ‘all day play’ with friends on one of the days, spent another day at the Grandparents place with the cousins, mostly just playing outside and the rest of the days were filled with some kind of outdoor play (bike or scooter riding, swimming) etc or inside creating and playing.

This morning we went on a little outing, first to the bakery and then to a cafe for drinks and ice cream (apple, carrot and beetroot juice and vegan coconut ice cream with fresh fruit) and then back home for a swim (this was my children’s planned outing). This afternoon my children have been either playing together or doing their own thing. At the moment Miss 6 is outside painting the inside walls of her wooden house she made with her dad and Mr 4 is playing with his train set and wooden blocks which is something he has been doing every day for the past seven days.

Wood work at 6 years
Not easy work but a good level of challenge.

Yesterday Miss 6 had an idea. She wrote down her ideas, made a plan and then showed it to her Dad. Her plan was to make a ‘fairy house’ out of wood. She expressed how she would like to make it and how big it should be. Around two or so hours later they had built a wooden house where the roof could easily come off to make play a little easier. All the wood used was from scraps in our garage and some bits off an old bookshelf that had seen better days. I will show you how Miss 6 has decorated it once it’s finished.


Woodworkingat 6 years with Dad house building

Glue and salt painting
Miss 6’s train. Simple glue, salt and liquid watercolours. I absolutely love liquid watercolours and so do my children.

We have also been doing lots of art, but mostly painting related this past week. I have been discussing ideas with my children for another Art project I have planned to do with the 3-6 year olds at my children’s school so am loving my children’s input.

Salt glue and liquid watercolours
Mr 4’s butterfly.

Painting flower potsWe also painted these cute cement flower pots using acrylic paints and filled them with little plants. Two of these plants are a type of Aloe plant (common name- Milky Way and Galaxy) but I am not sure what the plant on the end is?Spring wreath decorating 2As you have seen in my previous post, we re-decorated our hanging wreath with some flowers we were given, for part of our Spring celebrations. We will change this wreath again closer to Christmas time in December.

Kids yoga- cosmic kids
A little Cosmic Kids Yoga. Both of my children enjoy these YouTube guided kids yoga/story videos. We have all been trying to incorporate a little more movement into our days and this is one fun way to do it.

As for the rest of the school holidays; tomorrow we are meeting up with the same friends we caught up with last week for another almost all day play, which will be nice. The only other two things we have planned for the rest of the school holidays is to catch up with my parents and go on a rainforest walk, Dad included. Our rainforest walk will include a picnic style packed lunch as we always carry food with us when out and about.


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