Over the weekend- special time with Miss 6, thrift shopping and a Birthday.

Finally got around to posting something. Thank you for your patience. I have been a little busy the past few weeks and wanting to spend the rest of my non-busy time with my family. It’s all about finding the right balance.

For the next eight weeks my youngest is participating in a multi-sports program with a small group of 4-6 year old children. These classes run for approx 45 mins, is non-competitive and a whole lot of fun. Great for gross motor skills. This is something that my youngest has been wanting to try for a while now. Whilst my youngest is at his sports class with his Dad, Miss 6 and I have time together. Usually she has a plan of what she would like to do. Sometimes we just stay at home and other times we head out.

On Saturday morning, Miss 6 and I drove to a thrift store to drop of some clothing and have a look for a cloth placemat which Miss 6 wanted to use for school. Each child in her class has a placemat which they use on a designated table for snack time and lunch. At the end of the week, the classroom Director takes them home and washes them. If a child has a placemat that cannot go in a washing machine, they are then hand washed at school each day. Each child also has a special mug  in a drawer in the classroom to use to get a drink of water.

Thrift shopping- cloth placemat and childrens bedroom cushion
We found two cloth placemats (one will be for my youngest) and a cushion to go on a chair in Mr 4’s bedroom which is a present from his sister.
Thrift shopping- cloth placemat for home and school use
The measurements are approx 40cm x 30cm.

After visiting the thrift store we headed over to a Garden Centre to look around and to get some ideas. Miss 6 wanted to have a really good browse in the plant section which was great for me as I wanted to get some ideas as I am keen to do some gardening at my children’s school with some of the 3-6 year old children. They have some garden beds that need tending.

Exploring garden centres with children who love plantsExploring nature and plants with childrenMiss 6 was also lucky to be able to attend a free children’s workshop. She worked with a group of children to create this layered paint effect, name plaque. They used acrylic and water-based paints, a squeegee and glitter paint. Each child’s name was written across the middle of their picture. It looked beautiful in the end. Miss 6 now has her art work displayed in her room.

Childrens art workshop.jpgOn Sunday we went to a Birthday lunch for my husbands Grandmother. It takes a while to get there, so a portion of the day was just spent driving. We had grand plans to go the beach as well but due to a storm hitting in the afternoon we were unable to do so.

Childrens table and chair set.jpg
How sweet is this little table and chairs my children had their lunch on. Their Grandmother set this up for them. Apparently she used these same chairs when she was younger. The little table is just a small rectangular wooden side table.

Food wise, most of my side of the family are Vegetarians, so you won’t see any meat at our catch ups. Yesterday’s lunch was for my husband’s side of the family and I was aware that this particular time, there would be mostly meat dishes with some salad and bread. I packed up some snacks for the road trip and lunch boxes for both of my children to have for lunch. I also packed something for myself as well which was Mexican style spiced rice with raw salad vegies, marinated tofu pieces and some oven toasted wholemeal tortilla bread. I also added half of an avocado. It didn’t take long to put together.

It can be tricky eating out sometimes, but for the most part being organised and prepared in advance, then it’s not a big deal. Often, no one even notices that I am eating different food to them.

Plant based childrens snack boxPlant Based lunch box for on the goWe got back late Sunday afternoon with enough time to calmly slow everyone down (such excitement from the day) with our usual bedtime rhythm including bath and stories.

On a side note- I was reading with a group of 6-9 year olds at my children’s school this morning. There was lots of discussions and questions about what they were reading. Many of the books they choose to read are non-fiction. My daughter read a book called the Coconut Palm- Tree of Life which was all about how every part of this tree is used (for food, clothing and shelter for example) and nothing goes to waste. Miss 6 is fascinated by all things coconut at the moment and just loved this book.

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