Simplifying spaces- bedroom changes and a possible house move

Hello all, I hope you have had a lovely week so far. We got the news recently that the rental property we currently live in has gone on the market. That means every week there will be an open house on a Saturday morning, plus very likely some viewings during the week. I remember this happened to us when my daughter was very young and it drove me a little crazy.

Considering we will likely now need to move out in January next year, I have taken to again going through each room and start to pack up what we don’t absolutely need out. Miss 6 is now back in a shared bedroom with her brother, which leaves us a space to store packed up items as needs be. For now though, my children will use this spare room as a study space (where their desks are) and to keep some of their favourite toys. Either way, it’s good to be organised and hopefully we will be ready and not rushed come moving time.

Simplified childrens bedroom 2

Simplified childrens bedroom 5
Spot the second-hand cushion Miss 6 gave to her brother I mentioned in my last post. He just loves it. 
Simplified childrens bedroom 1
Some favourite books plus our library books (in the dark rectangular basket). On the bottom shelf is a magnetic maze and a wooden dinosaur puzzle. We got this book shelf from my parents as they no longer needed it.
Simplified childrens bedroom 3
Some of Miss 6’s favourite ‘peaceful’ things- salt lamp, affirmation cards, amethyst, dream stone and a little balancing, revolving aeroplane (Mr 4’s).
Simplified childrens bedroom 4
Some of our past Christmas and Spring art/craft.

Both of my children are delighted with this change, but especially Miss 6, commenting just how ‘peaceful’ their room looks now. I think she is very happy that there is no toys in their room.

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