A catch up of our week

Since my last post, we had photographers come round to take photos of our place to prepare for an advertising campaign to try and sell it, as it’s now oficially on the market. We also had a house viewing (open house inspection) over the weekend and multiple Birthday parties on the same day. We don’t say yes to every party we get invited to as we need to allow for quality family time on the weekends, however I am conscious that to a child, a Birthday can be a big deal and rather sad if little to no children turn up for the party. I have seen this happen.

Mostly when my children are invited to a Birthday party, they are usually one of 4-5 children invited, so we do tend to go to most of them. Over the weekend though, we happened to have two parties that overlapped time wise and were in two different locations. This particular time we just split up, with my husband taking my youngest to one party that was at a park and was for a 4 year old and my daughter and I went to the other one that was at someones house which was for a 7 year old. For this particular party my daughter and I went to, there was fruit and popcorn as a snack for the children and meat sausages, bread, egg mayonnaise and corn on the cob for lunch. We checked in advance and brought our own pre-cooked vegan sausages with us and had those instead.

A Montessori style present for a 7 year old.jpg
The Montessori-style present we gave a 7 year old for his Birthday. I checked with his mum on what present would be suitable.
slowing down- peaceful childhood
Late one afternoon over the weekend, we took some food and found a lovely spot for my children to ride their scooters around. My husband and I ended up jogging along beside them to get in a bit of exercise.
Free art workshops for Miss 6.jpg
Miss 6 also joined in a free Art/craft workshop with a bunch of other children around her age. My youngest could have joined in but was interested in sitting with another little girl, having some great conversations whilst doing some colouring in.

This week so far, I spent some time (one morning) in my daughter’s Montessori classroom, helping out, mostly with reading. I have got to know a good portion of the children in her class and they seem to be excited to read to me each week. Many of them have started reading chapter books, so we may read one chapter each week together. I spent a good portion of yesterday morning out gathering groceries and produce for our home as well as doing the volunteer grocery run for my youngest’s classroom. Their grocery list was rather short this week just including flowers and some fruit. Sometimes on the list may also include foods like cheese or crackers, or tea for example, all for the Practical Life section of the classroom. I then spent the afternoon at my parents place working in their garage working on a DIY project.

Tomorrow morning I will be in my youngest (Mr 4’s) classroom for ‘Working with your child’ where I will be a visitor and get to spend one hour with Mr 4 doing what ever work he chooses to show/work with me. He is very excited about this. In the afternoon, after school we are catching up with friends that we haven’t seen for a while, for a park play and picnic which will be lovely. We always take our own foods and drinks with us to share.

Personally, recently, I signed up for a couple of writers work shops and a few other ‘free’ events mostly for interests sakes but also to learn some new skills, including a mosaic art workshop.

Some photos from after school;

Sometimes we stay back after school to catch up with friends or do something special, just the three of us, but most days we just come home for quiet time. You will see in the below photos that both of my children love to learn and if you don’t find them just playing, they are doing some kind of completely self directed work either together or independently. Miss 6 is currently interested in spelling, multiplication and research and Mr 4 is interested in learning to write in cursive, read the clock time, puzzles and play the keyboard which his sister is showing him.

Miss 6 doing some multiplication using the bead bars
Miss 6 working on some multiplication using our bead bars.
Mr 4 working on a 100 piece London puzzle
Mr 4 working on a 100 piece London puzzle a friend lent us.



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