A catch up of our week

Hello everyone, I hope you have had a lovely week so far.

Libary; Library day today. We took a whole lot of books back today and chose a bunch more. My children chose a couple of seasonal books including two Christmas stories and the rest were mostly fun story books to read before bed.

Library books and reusable library bag.jpg

food and budgeting; I have been focusing on sorting through our fridge, freezer and pantry and making note on what we have and what we won’t bother replacing when used up. I really want to focus on as much whole foods as possible whilst keeping to our food budget. I have also been writing down what we have been spending on food each week and at the end of the month adding it up. My challenge, is to reduce the overall amount we spend on food each month. I use to do all our food shopping at the one place, but as I now tend to go to three different places, it became a bit trickier to stick to the budget. I just need to get better organised.

Share the Dignity- It’s in the Bag– It’s that time of year again, and we just finished packing up two bags (my mum packed one) to take to a collection point this weekend. You can read more about this charity HERE and a past post I wrote on it HERE.

We packed; toothbrush, toothpaste, wash cloth (face cloth), handkerchiefs, soap, shampoo bar, feminine products (org pads etc), hair brush, a Louise Hay book and a special note with a drawing from my children. This is such a special thing to do with children.

Working with your child– Last week I spent one hour in my son’s Montessori Children’s House classroom and got to see what he has been working on. This was such a special time. He chose to show me some of his Language and Math work. He was so proud. This week, my husband also did ‘working with your child’ but in our daughter’s lower Primary Montessori classroom. Afterwards the students and parents shared a lovely breakfast together. We took cut up fruit last time, but this time I made up some banana and oat cookies for sharing.

Montessori classroom language work.jpg
Mr 4 working with the Montessori Grammar box and practising cursive writing. He is at a beginner cursive writing level.

Reading Support– I am in both of my children’s classrooms for Reading support this week which I am looking forward too.

Open House and house inspection– Last Saturday we had an open house (house viewing), so whilst that was happening, my husband took my son to his ‘multi sports class’ and I went with my daughter to a free art workshop for some flower-pot painting. Tomorrow morning we have a house inspection. We have one of those every three months. Luckily our house is currently pretty tidy, but I will just need to wipe over the surfaces and vacuum this afternoon.

flower pot painting.jpg
A little pop of colour on our veranda.

A day with Mr 4– Last Friday my youngest and I spent the day together. He chose what he wanted us to do. We went to a cafe for a hot drink and then a playground/park of his choice for a play and a picnic and then spent the afternoon at home doing puzzles and playing Lego.

Picnic with Mr 4.jpg
As usual, we take food with us every where we go.

Movie night– on the weekend we watched a family movie ‘Mr Poppers Penguins’ and had some shared snacks; healthy nachos, fruit and popcorn.

Family catch up– on the Sunday afternoon/evening we had some of our extended family over for a catch up and dinner which was really lovely. We had curry for dinner and watermelon slices for dessert.

This afternoon– I caught up with the washing as the weather was perfect today and I  made a list of Summer art/craft ideas and sent those through to my son’s Montessori classroom Directress for the upcoming school Seasonal celebration which is for the 3-6 year age group.

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