A catch up of our week

Hi there,

In latest news, after much negotiation, the offer we put in for a house we have been interested in, got accepted and we are now in the process of signing papers and organising for building and pest inspectors to come in etc. All going well, we will be moving second week of January next year. Either way, we have already given notice that we intend to leave our current property at the beginning of next year. This house we are hopefully buying is a three bedroom, one bathroom, one level home with a backyard.

Christmas- kids art workshopOver the weekend, Miss 6 joined a children’s Christmas art workshop to paint and decorate some wooden tree ornaments. We also put up our Christmas tree which my children decorated. I also wrapped a few of my children’s Christmas presents ‘Furoshiki’ style. They are just getting a few things each this year and one combined gift. I am trying to be a bit better organised this year and get on top of things. Child decorated Christmas tree

Christmas tree skirt- using our hessian kids rug
Using my children’s jute reading rug to put at the bottom of our tree. Keeps it simple.
cloth Christmas present wrapping- furoshiki style.jpg
Furoshiki-style gift wrapping. I have been using a re-purposed Christmas table cloth.

No Christmas gift guide post this year, but I will tell you what we plan on giving our children for those who are interested;

  • Miss 6- a series of adventure books (I got online second-hand), a French to english dictionary and some Lego. Mr 4 bought his sister a children’s joke book which she is just going to love.
  • Mr 4- two advanced maze books, some Lego and a watch. Miss 6 bought her brother a basic magic kit which is what he is really interested in at the moment.
  • Combined gift- a portable radio. They just love to listen and dance to music.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.


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