A catch up of our week- now on Christmas school holidays break

School holidays has officially started for us (last day of school was last Thursday) and we have over the past few days just spent time together, mostly just relaxing. We went for a swim, did some Christmas craft (at home and at a free children’s Christmas workshop), watched a Christmas family movie and my son and husband attended a kids ‘dinosaur’ Birthday party yesterday morning.

Care of environment- cleaning Montessori materials
Last day of school, Miss 6 helped me to do some material cleaning in her younger brothers Montessori classroom. Just love this Moveable alphabet from the Language series. Miss 6 is using some small wooden brushes and a microfibre cloth for cleaning.
Montessori school- salt dough Christmas ornamants
Last minute outdoor Christmas salt dough ornament painting I did with the children in my son’s class.  I think we ended up doing three different Christmas craft activities together.

Next week all we have officially planned is to attend another children’s Birthday party one morning, which both of my children have been invited to, a catch up with two families to look at Christmas lights together and we are also having another family over to our house, one day for a catch up, a play and some Christmas baking and decorating (cookies). Should be a great week. We have all our Christmas ‘shopping’ pretty much finished so we can enjoy the next couple of weeks leading up to Christmas.

Large children's calendar.jpg
Years later, still using and enjoying our giant wall calendar.

I have slowly started packing and cleaning as either way we need to move in January. At this point, we do not officially have this house that we have been after buying as there has been a bit of further negotiating needed due to a couple of issues found with the house, which we are trying to rectify asap before proceeding. Remaining positive though!

Tomorrow morning, my children and I will be going to a post office so Miss 6 can post a letter to her older cousin. She has already written down the address on the envelope but just needs to purchase a stamp and place the letter in a post box. She is very excited to do this independently. Wish we had just done this a lot sooner.

I also just wanted to share this; We have just started using a wooden step stool for Miss 6 at the dining table as we recently gave our second Soho Mocka wooden high chair to a family member to use for their baby.

The wooden step stool (on the left), which has been used for so many things around our house is a great height for the table. Even though Miss 6 has been using a regular chair the last few months, I am not sure if it’s the height of our new second-hand table but she hasn’t seemed too comfortable eating at it. This step stool seems to have done the trick. I have also seen this same step stool online used as a toddler eating table using the top step as a table and the bottom step as a seat. Also online, I have also seen this same step stool used as a toddler learning tower.

Montessori style- supporting independence at the dining table

Montessori- supporting independence at the dining table
Mr 4 modelling the stool in use.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,





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