Happy Christmas..plus a few things

Hi there, hope you are all well.

We start the first of our multiple Christmas family get-togethers this Sunday. We will be visiting my side of the family tomorrow for lunch. My children are pretty excited to spend the day with their cousins.

We also have another catch up with some of my family members, we will be visiting my husbands God Parents at their place one morning and then the final catch up will be at our town house, with most of my husbands side of the family, including a family from PNG (Papua New Guinea) who are visiting Australia for the first time. I am still working on the menu as there will be approx twelve of us including four children.

DIY fillable baubleWe finished off our Christmas craft, tree decorations today with these re-fillable baubles using natural treasures (mostly dried flowers, sea shells, stones and coral). We also painted a bunch of pine cones in bright colours to hang on our tree which look really pretty.

Butterfly insect house
A present my children chose for their Grandma. When my children think of her, they think of gardening. This gift they will be able to do with her, which is what they wanted. We are also giving her some fair trade, organic chocolate and some hand-made, home-made items. 

In other news– the house we have been trying to buy has finally gone ‘unconditional’ and we will be moving in mid-January.

Signing off– this will be my last post until after Christmas. I may post the odd Instagram photo, but I would like to just focus on this special time with my family.

Happy Christmas to you all! I know this time of year can be a difficult one for so many, so we send you lots of light and love!



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