Happy New Year! Reflecting on 2018 and Intentions for the New Year

Happy New Year! Funny enough, I wrote this post on New Years Eve, but forgot to publish it. We had a quiet day yesterday and ended up sharing a nice platter of food in the evening and listened to some good music. My kiddos went to bed closer to 9.30 pm, which is very late for them but they had a lovely night with lots of singing and dancing.

In refection, lots of little and big things have happened throughout the year, but with gratitude, we have all been happy, safe and well this year. So, there is a whole lot to be thankful for.

Our biggest news which I shared with you all recently, is that we bought a house, now with just less than two weeks until moving day. We are currently spending most days until work resumes back, packing and cleaning and only leaving out what we need over the next two weeks.

For me, I am most looking forward to, with the move to the new house, spending time in our new outdoor area to hopefully create a kitchen garden. There will also be a bit of renovating involved which I am excited to start but there is no urgent rush, time wise.

For a bit of fun, this year I began learning French at home, started daily journal writing and focused on healthier eating and ‘Nutritious Movement’- moving more and sitting less. I tried to do daily yoga and/or outdoor nature walks each day but I wasn’t so consistent with it, so now I just focus on getting as much movement into my day as possible. Currently I am writing this post at my standing desk….really just my laptop sitting on the kitchen bench. Whilst writing this post, I am doing some simple stretches. I find doing housework such as sweeping or mopping, washing dishes by hand or hanging washing on the line outside, simple ways to move more. You can read last years post, which again is pretty much what I focused on in 2018. You can read this post HERE. To sum it up though;

  • Family
  • Simplify
  • Slow down
  • Move more- sit less
  • Clean eating
  • Waste Less
  • Self care

Miss 6: Early this year Miss 6 transitioned from Children’s House over to Lower Primary (Cycle 2) at her Montessori school. She has been learning lots of new things this year including French and Coding and is excited for what next year will bring. She really loves learning and he classroom and class director. She now has a lovely group of friends, with most of those children in her class.

Miss 6 opted out of taking up any extra curricular activities after school or on the weekend this year (except the odd free workshop at a library or children’s community event/s- mostly Art related) and instead has enjoyed lots of free time. At home, Miss 6 has been teaching herself to play the keyboard and recorder. She does get some recorder lessons at school, but has been working through a ‘learn to play’ book at home. At the moment, reading, research on her chosen topics, daily journalling, music (playing an instrument, listening and singing along to music) and Art in all forms are her current interests.

Mr 4: Mr 4 started a ‘multi-sports’ class towards the end of 2018 for 8 weeks, with other 4-6 year old children, which is just a lot of fun, no competition and introduction to different kinds of sports and practising hand-eye-coordination skills. This is the first class Mr 4 has chosen to take outside of school. He is very keen to continue on next year not only as he enjoys the class but he loves spending time with the children in his group.

This has been a big year for him developmental wise. He has been learning to swim and ride a bike without training wheels, learning to write (in cursive) and improve his reading skills. He is also very much interested in learning whatever his sister is learning and often asks her to give him a ‘lesson’….so this means, learning French and the keyboard, and recorder and lots of other things. Miss 6 is always keen to help him in any way she can.

everydaybeginsnew best nine 2018
#2018bestnine on Instagram for  my @everydaybeginsnew family account. Sorry, I don’t post all that often.
plantbased with kids 2018 best nine on Instagram
#2018bestnine on Instagram for my @plantbasedwithkids account I started this year.

Thank you all for following along in 2018!

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