Journal Writing and Goal Setting

As mentioned in previous posts that Miss 6, since transitioning to Lower Primary (Cycle 2) early in 2018 at her Montessori school, that she started daily journal writing. Journal writing, just like daily afternoon (after lunch time play) silent reading is highly valued at her school. According to Miss 6, one of the first things the children do each morning before starting their work is to write in their journal. Journal writing is part of the children’s daily rhythm and helps with planning and organising their day. I love that they do this. I find journal writing so helpful, and love that this is introduced at such an early age.

Children's journal for daily journal writing.jpg
Both of my children have one of these journals for writing. Any book preferably with lines will do though.

Since the Christmas school holidays started for us here in Australia in December of 2018, Miss 6 wanted to continue on with journal writing at home. She tends to write at the beginning of each day, but sometimes will bring out her journal before bed time and reflect/write the days happenings. This is something she seems to really enjoy doing.

Family Rhythm Chart;

We have kept a daily/weekly rhythm chart on our fridge for years. This has been so helpful for my children giving them a sense of stability and comfort knowing what will be happening each day. Even though my children are almost 5 and 7 years of age, a daily rhythm chart I feel at their ages, is still so important. When they were younger, our rhythm revolved mostly around eating, sleeping and play, but as they have gotten older, life tends to get a bit busier and sometimes a bit trickier to track our days.

On our family rhythm chart, we often mark school days, school holidays, when we are visiting friends or having guests over to our house, when we go swimming or to the movies, or when we are attending events such as Birthday parties and of course the celebrations we choose to participate in such as Christmas.

Having access (on our fridge) to the daily rhythm chart, plus a wall calendar where they can see the date- day,  month, year and season can help support daily journal writing. If anything, Miss 6 finds it helpful as she likes (just like at school) to write out the full day, month and year with each journal entry. My children also have nature journals, so we like to keep track of the seasons and always add this to our wall calendar.

2019 goal setting.jpg
A wall calendar activity my children participated in recently at a free children’s art workshop. The activity was to write  or draw something they want to do more of in 2019. Mr 4 wrote that he wants more family time and Miss 6 wants to play more family sport together at home. This just shows how much they both value time with family over everything else.

My Big Life Journal;

I recently presented Miss 6 (soon to be 7 years of age) with one of the Big Life Journal printables- 2019 My Growth Mindset Year which you can view HERE She has been working on it this past week and is absolutely loving it so far. She does ask for clarification on some of the questions, to ensure she understands what they are asking, but for the most part she is able to do this work independently.

My Big Life Journal Goal Setting printable.jpg

The first part of this work book focuses on reflection– reflecting on 2018 with questions such as;

  • A new thing I learned
  • A new activity I tried
  • Something that was hard at the start of the year but is easy now
  • Something I got better at
  • Something I haven’t learned how to do yet

The rest of the workbook covers areas such as;

  • Things I am grateful for (I am, I can, I have)
  • Ways to show kindness and how I can make a difference in this world.
  • In the New Year (I will do more of…I will do less of)
  • Goal setting (something I want to get better at, try, learn)
  • Books I want to read
  • Family plan (bucket list etc) and family goals
  • Lots of ideas and inspiration and goal setting activities
  • Growth Mindset
  • Positive affirmations/posters

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