Taking a short blogging break whilst moving house

It finally happened, this week, we got the keys to our new house! It has been a crazy, past couple of weeks. What should have been a relatively easy process became something rather ridiculous and stressful. I won’t go into all the details as I would rather not think any more about it and just move on, but, on a positive note, the house is now empty of its occupants. All I now need to do is to inspect the property and then I am presuming, will need to do a whole lot of cleaning.

We will be doing most of the moving ourselves over a few days, but will have some help from others towards the beginning of next week as we need to be out of our townhouse asap so the new tenants can move in.

We have been pretty organised up till this point, with most of our things already packed up.  We kept out some paper and a wooden art caddy, two 100pc puzzles, a board game and a few books (story, colouring and activity books), a cricket set and the lego out. My children have a backpack each which contains some of their favourite things but also their hats and sunglasses. They also have a small esky lunch box each for food, mostly snacks etc and water bottles for this moving period, especially if we are going back and forth between the two houses.

Cosmic yoga kids at home.jpg
A little bit of Cosmic Kids Yoga (guided yoga adventures on YouTube) before dinner.

Thursday– just a quick update. I spent approx five hours straight today cleaning the whole inside of the house. Basically every surface and in every cupboard needed to be thoroughly cleaned. Now the house is super clean and ready for us to start moving things in. Both of my children were just amazing today. They just happily pottered, explored, played and even helped with sweeping and cleaning the undercover outdoor space with their child-size outdoor broom, whilst I continued to clean inside the house.

Also, we now have a bunch of fruit trees, including a mulberry and pawpaw tree which the former owner didn’t want to take with them. There was a bunch of other plants left that I have no idea what they are, so I will be spending sometime soon doing some moreresearch.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend and you will hear again from me soon.

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