What we have been up to- new house, renovations and more

Hi there,

Well it took almost two weeks but I am back to blogging. It has been a lovely but busy break. We are slowly settling into our new place and making it a home. There was lots to do initially but now we are at a point where we can slow down and take our time. I also happened to hurt my back in the move (we did most of it ourselves) and needed time to rest.

So here is a little sneak peak as some photos I took recently and will share more over time;

curating kids spaces- childrens shared wardrobe
Our children’s shared wardrobe space- there was no storage inside the wardrobe so we just used what we already had to create some sort of storage solution.  I will post more about this down the track.
curating kids spaces- outdoor art space
Slowly setting up an outdoor space- maybe for art, reading or snacks.
penny our backyard chicken- edbn
We are not sure where this chicken came from- possibly left by accident by the previous owners, but we have been looking after this lovely hen, my children have already named Penny.
Second hand outdoor dining table.jpg
Second hand (op shop/thrift store) find, which was in great condition and came with cushions (not the green leaf ones). Currently there is no space indoors for our dining table we were given, so we are currently eating most meals outside, here at this table, which is much nicer anyways.

The house we bought is an older home that is in need of  a little TLC. It is a low level, three bedroom, one bathroom house with a yard space and a small rumpus room (not sure what it is). So far we have done the following, aside from having to do a huge clean and we will be unpacking for a while yet;

  • Doors and gates- new locks and fixed some latches as most of them were broken or in need of fixing. The roof on the shed was also coming off so we had to re-attach it.
  • Bathroom– added a bath towel rack and a hand towel rack near the sink (as there was none) and replaced the toilet roll holder  and the toilet seat (as it was broken). We also replaced the existing shower head (which was leaking) with our own one we had previously used in the last house which is also a bit more child friendly.
  • Kitchen– tomorrow I am re-sealing around the sink and tiles by the sink as it’s either damaged or missing in several places. This will just neaten it up.
  • Curtains– we haven’t fixed all of them but we had to replace some of the damaged curtains/rods. I had some help to sew up the hems on some curtains as they were far too long.
  • Walls-patching up holes/cracks/marks on the walls. We will need to repaint but will do this at a later point.

Our current project is the the laundry. It’s a lovely size but has no storage and no bench which we are currently building ourselves. I personally don’t need much space or storage, but we are thinking more for future, potential re-sell purposes. I am so grateful/appreciate having a separate laundry space though. In the past we have either had our laundry set up in the garage, in the kitchen or in the bathroom. It was only the last town house we lived in that had a separate laundry. Really, I can make do with any space, big or small. I will remember to share some photos when it’s finished.

On a side note, this morning, as I opened up our backdoor to go outside and hang washing on the line- this large thing which looked just like a snake (I could only see the head) came straight at me and tried to get through the door. I managed to close it in time and investigate by going around the back of the house to see what it was. Luckily it was only a blue tongue lizard. We are surrounded by so much more nature where we are now.

I hope you are all enjoying your week so far.



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