Our week so far and supporting independence (shoe storage and cleaning zone)

Hi there,

Things have been good. We are a bit more settled into our new home now and my children are already in their second week of school. We are still pottering trying to at least clean up what we can around the house. To me though, this isn’t a chore, it’s something fun we can all do together as a family, whilst learning new skills and getting to be a bit creative not just with design but also problem solving.

We have been multitasking big and small jobs inside and outside the house. Whilst my husband has been finishing off the laundry space. I have finished re-siliconing the kitchen and bathroom and tomorrow will be re-grouting the bathroom and kitchen tiles. At the moment it’s a leaky, dirty mess. I will also finish up patching up the holes/marks on the walls. We also (all) spent time in the garden which has been the nicest. I would much rather potter outside in the garden than do anything indoors. Luckily a few fruit trees came with this house and we already had a few of our own. We do plan though in the backyard space to add some more for better self-sufficiency but also to help with privacy so we are not looking straight onto our neighbours. Both of my kiddos are really excited to grow fruit, vegies and flowers! We are just trying to work out what to do with our chicken (well she isn’t technically ours) as she keeps getting into the garden boxes and making a huge mess. She definitely thinks she lives here and has made herself quite at home. She has the most gorgeous personality though!

I mentioned I would share more house photos, so here is the laundry space. To me, this is a big space. It’s the biggest laundry we have ever had. When we moved in there was just a sink and no storage, so we added some shelving racks, cupboards and bench top. The idea as most of the house is small, is to try and give the illusion of more space. The laundry is off the kitchen and the only way to get to the backyard, so it’s a multi-purpose/utility space.

DIY renovated laundry.jpg
90% finished laundry- just need/want to tile behind the bench top. The larger baskets at the top don’t have much in them but mostly my soap making items and excess cleaning related things.
space for independence- kids cleaning up station
Literally the only spot I could find to put this- a little nook corner in the laundry.
Spaces forindependence- shared space
Also in the laundry -a place to store shoes including gum boots, hats and sunglasses (in the basket). Nicer shoes are kept in the cupboard/wardrobe in my childrens shared room.

I have a few new indoor plants- basically one but in some areas, two plants in each room not only to look aesthetically (to me anyways) pleasing but also to act air purifiers. We have a Ficus- lyrata Bambino in the lounge (height- grows 30-50 cm) which has a smaller leaf and more compact, a small zamiifolia (height- grows up to 45-60 cm) on the kitchen table and a philodendrom selloum (height- grows up to 1-1.5 meters in one of the bedrooms. We were given a voucher which paid for most of these plants which was lovely.

Next weeks posts-;

  1. Book review- just some thoughts on a how to go plant-based book, I recently had the pleasure of reading.
  2. Screen time and schedules- what my kiddos are currently doing/using at almost 5 and 7 years of age. I was asked this question recently, so thought I would share here as well.

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