Review of Simple Happy Kitchen: An Illustrated Guide for Your Plant-Based Life

Recently I had the chance to read Simple Happy Kitchen by Miki Mottes and loved it. Simple Happy Kitchen- originally part of a Kickstarter campaign, Is not a recipe book (although there are a few recipes included in it) but a fun, creative, informative, beautifully illustrated guide to plant-based eating.

There is an overload of often overly complicated information online in regards to plant-based eating, that can cause confusion and overwhelm. I didn’t have access to anything like this guide, or at least not all in the one place, when I was transitioning from Vegetarian (consumed dairy) to Plant-Based and feel this guide would have been so helpful at that time.

As someone, who is not new to plant-based eating, I still found and will continue to find this guide helpful not only as a refresher for myself, but also as a  helpful resource for my family. I am not surrounded by other Plant-Based eaters, so this guide is also a great resource as it explains things so simply, so for those around me who may have questions about what we eat for example, I can show them this book.

There are nine chapters in Simple Happy Kitchen, which include information on the Why’s and How’s of Plant-Based eating, as well as help with meal planning, nutritional guides and so much more. To see some page samples of what’s inside this book you can view it HERE. As you can see from the sample pages, much of this book can be printed out and used as guides. We have already printed off several of the recipes including smoothies and snacks and put them with my children’s other plant-based recipe books. So far we have made; chocolate and peanut butter fudge, sesame nori chips, baked kale chips, tahini and almond cookies and some granola bars. As a compliment to Miki Mottes the creator, designer and illustrator of Simple Happy Kitchen, my children found the illustrations ‘so cute and funny‘.

Simple Happy Kitchen also contains so much extra information such as food storage tips, legume soaking and sprouting as well as grain cooking guides, egg, meat and dairy replacements as well as recipes for home-made cheese and plant mylks, dips, healthy smoothies and snacks as well as cooking guides and kitchen snacks.

You can find out more by following Simple Happy Kitchen via their webpage, on Instagram or Facebook. The hardcover version of this book is available for pre-order via their webpage or you can choose to order the ebook version which is what I have. If you subscribe to Simple Happy Kitchen, you will receive via email free printable posters (Iron, Calcium and Protein plant-based sources). I printed these out for my children.

Simple Happy Kitchen


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