Supporting independence in the home- shared bedroom and wardrobe update (2019)

We have been in our new house approximately four weeks now. Even though we have constantly been fixing things up around the house (inside and outside) and making a bit of a mess in the process, one of the things we have done though, was ensure that at least we all had our bedrooms set up and to have them as peaceful, calming and relaxing as possible. It’s nice to have a place of calm amongst the chaos.

childrens simplified -shared bedroom
Again, trying to keep it simple- with just beds, books, a plant and a few of their favourite things. In the round basket on the top of their book shelf is two torches.

My children are sharing a bedroom space again. They are fortunate to be able to choose to have their own rooms down the track if they choose to. Simplified childrens shared bedroom space

Childrens shared wardrobe.jpg
Miss 6 has the top hanging rack and white baskets, whereas Mr 4 has the bottom shelves. There is also a fold up step-ladder if needs be and a child-height mirror.

In the baskets during our Australian Summer- there is underwear, socks, shorts and pajamas. On the hanging rack is where my children keep their shirts, dresses and jackets.

childrens bedroom hanging bag rack
A little Zamiifolia and hanging rack in the corner nook of their bedroom.

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I hope you have all had a lovely week so far. I have spent some time in my children’s classroom, again, helping with Reading and the rest of the time working on fixing up the main bathroom and our front garden.


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