Family Rhythm- Celebrating Birthdays

This year for my children’s Birthdays, we are doing something a little different to the past two years. Aiming to add a little more magic and meaning to their Birthdays.

What we did for Mr 4;

  • A little celebration in his Montessori classroom. This is such a lovely celebration of life where we share one photo of each year of his life, shared some of his favourite things over the years, sang a song together ‘The Earth Goes Around the Sun’, whilst my son carries a globe (represents Earth) and walks around a candle (represents the Sun). Followed by the Happy Birthday song and finished up with some fruit to share with the class. To me this was meaningful.
  • Birthday breakfast. The table was decorated simply with flowers, a Birthday banner we use each year and some play scarves around the Birthday boys chair. We do this every year as part of our Birthday Family Rhythm.
  • No school on this day, so we spent it doing his favourite things. We went for a swim in the morning and spent the rest of the day just playing. I think one of the exciting things for Mr 4 was that he got to plan his Birthday including what food we had including breakfast, lunch and dinner. For dinner time, we sat outside and only turned on our soft warm glow lights which just looked so lovely. After eating, we lit some candles, sang Happy Birthday and had cake (child made)overalladding an element of magic.
  • Experience- instead of a Birthday party with friends, both of my children have chosen an ‘experience instead’. Mr 4 has chosen a play type centre and Miss 6 has chosen a Wildlife adventure.

The Earth Goes Around the Sun:

The Earth goes around the Sun (repeats several times), It takes 12 months, 52 weeks and 365 days. 

Birthday presents- with reused gift bagsOne of these gifts bags for Mr 4 is from my parents and the other one is from us, which just has a few items in it including a first chapter book. We reuse the same Birthday bags each year. The main ‘combined’ present my children were fortunate enough to get was a trampoline for their Birthdays.

Birthday breakfast
Birthday breakfast- fresh fruit, pastries (not shown as they were in the oven) and some tea cake.

I will update this post in a few weeks after we have had soon to be Miss 7’s celebration. She will be doing something a little different in her Montessori Lower Primary classroom to what she has previously done in Children’s House, so I will let you know all about it a little later on.

Previous Birthday posts;

  • Birthday celebration 2018- see HERE
  • Birthday celebration 2017- see HERE

Edited post: Tuesday 19th March, 2019.

My eldest is now 7 years old, can you believe. This year she opted for no big party with family or friends, but instead she had a little day out with her cousin and Nan (went out for lunch and had a sleepover etc) and decided on a ‘wildlife adventure’ for her Birthday experience and on her actual Birthday we had a love morning tea organised with flowers and food by my youngest and husband and we had takeout for dinner. Miss 7 really just wanted the day at home to play.

Miss 7s Birthday celebrationWith a little help from her Dad, Miss 7 created her own ‘watermelon Birthday cake’. She is keen to make this again next year but add lots more to it.

Miss 7s watermelon Birthday cake
Watermelon cake made with a whole watermelon, rockmelon plus cookie cutters and raspberries.

At school for Miss 7’s Birthday celebration, we were invited into her classroom to be a part of a poetry performance put on by three of the children, as well as the singing of ‘Happy Birthday’ in English, Spanish, French and German as well as the sharing of some food which I brought with me. For Miss 7’s celebration, the focus is on giving ‘acknowledgments’…for example, if a child would like to give an acknowledgment to the Birthday child, they raise their hand and then can say something such as  ‘I acknowledge that _______ is kind and helpful’. I thought this was such a lovely gesture of kindness.

Birthday celebration food to share.jpg
For Miss 7’s in class celebration, we sharde some fruit (watermelon and orange) and some pancakes (vegan). 


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