Following an Interest- Knitting and Woodworking

Even though Miss 6 (soon to be Miss 7) has always been interested in knitting, more recently though, they have been doing more ‘hand work’ in her Montessori classroom, so she has been wanting to do lots more knitting at home. This term at school they have been doing Finger Knitting and French Knitting.

finger knitting
Finger Knitting- such a great skill to learn!

Childrens French knittingFrench Knitting: All you need if you want to do a DIY version is; 1 x toilet roll, 4 x wooden ice pop sticks, some paper tape and some cotton twine or wool/acrylic wool. At school Miss 6 has been using some colourful wool (she has chosen to use the acrylic version). Last night Miss 6 gave her younger brother a French Knitting lesson which was so sweet to watch.

Children’s tool kit:

For Christmas last year, my husband and I gathered some items for our children to use at home and also to be able to work along side us whilst we have been doing some house renovations. At Christmas time both of my children were given some wood working kits from family, which included wood and nails for some building projects (small wooden car and bus). These are a lot of fun. Already all of these items have gotten lots of use.

childrens wood working tool kit
Our children’s basic tool kit. The tool box my husband made at school many years ago. All these items are REAL and child-sized. There is two pairs of safety glasses and we usually have a pencil eraser and twine in this kit but noticed they have gone walkabout. Well the twine is currently being used for knitting.

Not this school term, but last year, in my daughter’s classroom, they had set up a large container of wood scraps, some nails, hammers and safety glasses for the children to make and create anything they like. This is something one could easily set up at home. At home we do a combination of three things-

  1. Some structured DIY kits
  2. Unstructured bits n pieces (wood scraps plus nails and twine) etc. Recently we did some ‘string art’.
  3. Show our children how to use these items with Real World examples such as fixing something or putting something together. The other day, they helped us do some measurements for a project we are doing, they helped put together a wooden step stool and also tighten some items around the house including our pot handles in the kitchen.

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