What we have been up to and a look at next weeks posts

Hi there,

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have had lots of ideas, of topics I am keen to write, but have just continuously got caught up with life or to be honest have prioritised my time with family. We had multiple Birthdays over the last couple of weeks and I have been doing lots of volunteer work which I absolutely love. I am spending more time in the classroom each week at my children’s school in both Children’s House and Lower Primary (mostly Reading support and helping out where needs be). There is approx two weeks left of school and then my children have two weeks holiday at home.

Gardening with kids- planter box garden
A bit of gardening with a small group of 3-6 year olds this morning.

I have also been doing some more renovating, mostly minor jobs with the help of family and friends who have been so generous with their time, patience and guidance. Next job is painting the whole outside and inside the house.

Stone art with metalic paints.jpg

Miss 7 was given this Stone Art kit which she loved. The booklet that came with it gives lots of extension ideas even though Miss 7 was keen to just paint her own way. We have collected a whole basket of stones which both of my children are keen to paint and give some of them as gifts to friends.

rock painting with metalic paints.jpg

Next weeks posts;

  1. Beginner Coding for kids- (book/s)
  2. How we use ‘noise reduction headphones’ at home and how they are used in a Montessori classroom

Also, If I have enough time, I will post a review on the cook book ‘Gluten-free and Vegan for the whole family by Jennifer Katzinger, otherwise I will post the review the following week. If you have any specific questions about this book, send me an email and I can add the answers to this post.

Note: I have also added a couple more photos to my recent post ‘Family Rhythms- Celebrating Birthdays’ which you can read HERE.

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