How we use ‘noise reduction’ headphones at home and for travel

Have you heard of noise reduction headphones for children? I first came across these when my eldest was a toddler. The idea is that these type of headphones can help to protect children’s ears by muffling out excessive noise. There are plenty of ways in which these headphones can be useful, including helping children with Sensory needs, but here is a list of how we have been using them;

  1. Excessive noise environments such as- shows, concerts, fireworks. My youngest likes to use his during a storm (thunder and lightning) to help him sleep.
  2. Aide concentration– My eldest tends to use hers when she is wanting to concentrate on her work and there may be a lot of noise in the house such as someone practising a musical instrument or we are doing some home Reno work or even using some of our rather loud gardening tools.
  3. Travel– for aeroplane trips and to aide sleep. I have found eye masks and these headphones used together has been a huge comfort for my children when we are travelling away from home. We potentially have an upcoming overseas trip and I will definitely be taking these with us.

noise reduction headphones for kids.jpg

Noise Reduction Headphones for use in my daughters (Montessori) classroom environment;

I am fortunate to be able to spend some time each week in my daughter’s Montessori Lower Primary classroom, which therefore, gives me a slight insight into a prepared environment for the 6-9 year age group. One thing I noticed early on, was the use of noise reduction headphones, which initially puzzled me. From observation and according to my eldest they are used to, again, aide concentration. The children can somewhat tune out some of the noise and concentrate fully on their work if needs be. Miss 7 says she likes to use them when she is doing story writing or writing in her journal.

If you have these at home or in a classroom environment, I would love to know how you have used them with your children and if you have found them at all useful?

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