A quick trip to the library for some children’s chapter books

With only a couple of days until school holidays start, I headed to the library to pick up some books. I got some gardening and cookbooks for myself and a few chapter books for my children. We will likely go again towards the end of the school holidays so they can choose their own books plus they often have some free children’s workshops that we like to attend when we can.

childrens chapter books- plus early readersFor a bit of variety, I found these Nancy Drew and Hey Jack books which look like a bit of fun. At home both of my children have access to a variety of fiction and non fiction books including reference books. We tend to keep approx 5-6 chapters books on display on my children’s bookshelf, in their room, at the one time otherwise the choice can be too overwhelming.

childrens early chapter booksThe Hey Jack series of books are a good choice for early readers as many of the pages have larger sized font and the pages are often broken up with pictures. My youngest has recently read through several of Anh Doh’s series of books which he really enjoyed, finding them very humorous.

The Nancy Drew books will be easy reads for Miss 7 but considering she has just read through a whole pile of Bindi Irwin Wildlife Adventure books at home, which is a more difficult read, sometimes it’s nice to re-visit simpler books.

I will let you know if my children enjoyed these books and then keep you posted on any other ones we are reading. I am thinking of looking into the Secret 7 and Famous 5 series of books.

Just a quick note that I will get on to that children’s coding books review soon. A friend has borrowed these books to look at and I haven’t yet gotten them back, but when I do, I will get onto that ASAP.

Edited 26th April 2019– I just took these books back to the library. They Hey Jack books were a hit and the Nancy Drew books, not so much.

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