Our school holidays so far plus a few things that we have been enjoying

Hi there,

We have had a lovely school holiday break so far. We caught up with friends and family, spent some time at the beach, went to the cinemas together (saw Wonder Park), joined in some free day time children’s (mostly Art based and Easter themed) workshops and we went to a free community-based Easter family night, just for a bit of fun.

I have also spent most days and sometimes nights, painting our house. So far, half the outside of our house has been painted and half of the inside, ceilings and walls included. I have focused mainly on the areas that need the most TLC first. As for the rest of the house, there is no rush to get the rest of the painting done, but still once you start, it’s a bit hard to just stop.

A little day out- beach time.jpg
The loveliest day- beach walk, ocean swim (the water was cold but so refreshing) and a sunset picnic dinner.

Gardening- A couple of days ago, we planted some lovely Australian native trees in our backyard, only to have bush turkeys rip them up the same day we planted them. So these little trees now have wire meshing around the base of each one, to add a bit of protection until they are more established.

Gardening with kids.jpg
The power of observation- within about ten minutes of doing some weeding in our garden beds, my children joined me. This has also been the case with painting and cleaning. Real, meaningful, work.

Indoor plants- recently I placed a small pot of String of Hearts and some Ivy on top of one of our kitchen cupboards. Just hoping they will get enough light and thrive. Its always a bit hit n miss with me and indoor plants.

For the rest of the school holidays we will just take it one day at a time. We will likely see family over the Easter Long Weekend and I will set up a simple Easter egg hunt at home (using re-usable re-fillable eggs) like we have done over the last couple of years. I will  post about this next week.

Easter celebrations- painting cardboard eggs.jpg
Painting cardboard eggs at a free kids community event. We also made cardboard Easter baskets and decorated them.

Tomorrow though we will likely do a small food shop together. A great way to get the kiddos involved is to write up a list and place it on a small clipboard with a pencil. Usually my children will take turns either reading out and crossing off food items on the list or being the one to gather those items off the shelves. If it’s a small shop and we are using a self-checkout, I will let them scan those items themselves and then put them into bags. I also plan to clean out the car, giving it a good wipe down and vacuume. I always aim to do this weekly.

I mentioned a while back that Miss 7 has been using the Progressive Electronic Keyboard book 1. She just finished it and is now on book 2. Mr 5 has just started book 1 with a little help from his big sister.

On another note, here are some things we have been enjoying lately;

On Instagram I recently found @CleanMama and thought I would try out her simplified cleaning routine over the next couple of weeks;

  • Mondays- Bathroom
  • Tuesdays- Dusting
  • Wednesdays- Vacuuming
  • Thursdays- Floor washing
  • Fridays-Catch-all
  • Saturdays- Sheets and towels
  • Sundays- Daily tasks but day of rest

Books– I am currently re-reading ‘Nonviolent Communication‘ by Marshall B Rosenberg. Both of my children just finished reading the Hey Jacks books by Sally Rippin we got out from the library recently. I think we may head to the library in a couple of days to get a few more books out.

Touch typing– Miss 7 was introduced to touch typing at school last term. Touch typing and story writing are the two things that Miss 7 does on the classroom computer. From what I have gathered, there seems to only be the one computer for use in her classroom which is shared by all the children. Wanting to practice touch typing at home over these school holidays, we had a look online and found these free online touch typing games-Typetastic and Typing Club. Miss 7 mentioned that they have used Typing Club in her classroom.

Essential oils– We have been using Mt.Retour essential oils for a few years now, but have fairly recently started using their roll on oils for convenience. We have a set of three roll-on blends called (Sleep, Stress and Breathe). Recently I put some of the Breathe roll on onto my daughter’s handkerchief and placed it under her pillow to help with her blocked nose and a bit on the soles of her feet. We have an aroma diffuser but only use it in the central area of our house which is the lounge room and use it more so during the day time.

Mt.Retour Organics essential oil roll on blends.jpg

A couple of days ago I sent an email to the company that makes Mt.Retour essential oils asking for some more detailed information (tips etc) on using their essential oils with children in the hopes I could share some of this information with you lovely readers. I will let you know if/when I get a reply.

Multivitamin- now that we are in Autumn I have started taking a Multivitamin. I always take a B12 supplement but recently started taking the DEVA brand (Vegan) multivitamin and mineral supplement which I will continue to take through the rest of the Autumn and Winter months and then just go back to taking my B12 supplement.

Vegan multivitamin supplement.jpg

Exercise- We are still using and loving Cosmic Yoga Kids on YouTube. Great fun! I often join in as well. We have been doing this in the afternoons before dinner. The other thing my children and I have been doing together is some basic exercises on the trampoline for fun- but maybe also great for the pelvic floor muscles as well? The only thing I can’t do on a trampoline is any sort of spinning as I get motion sickness. This started after I had my first child and didn’t exactly go away.

I hope everyone enjoys the Easter long weekend.


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