Easter 2019

Hi there,

This blog post is a couple of days late but I thought I would still share some photos of our Easter egg hunt. Before I get to that though, I realised that today marks 4 years of blogging! Time flies! It’s also Anzac day today in Australia. The plan was to bake some Anzac biscuits with the kiddos but we didn’t end up getting around to doing it as we had an unexpected guest arrive at our house this morning (family) and they ended up staying for the day.

As for our Easter egg hunt; when our children woke up on Easter Sunday- they followed some footprints to a small table in our loungeroom, which I had decorated with a dark green table cloth, a jute table runner and two bags each containing dinosaur pajamas. Both of my children love dinosaurs, especially Miss 7.

Easter egg hunt 2019- everyday begins new blogAfter breakfast together, my children started their Easter egg hunt. It had been raining most of the night before so we were only really able to set this egg hunt up outside, last minute. I have to admit, my husband and I had a lot of fun setting this up. Easter 2019- every day begins new blogWith a metal bucket in hand and gumboots on (muddy outside), my children followed the clues to find the eggs. We used re-usable, re-fillable eggs this year. Some are made of metal and some are plastic. These are the same ones we used last year as well. Easter egg hunt for 2019- every day begins new blogMy children had 4 eggs to find each, which was of a specific colour. Miss 7 ended up helping out her younger brother find his last egg. In each of these eggs was a little item. I would like to have put something lovely like a crystal in each one, but I only really thought of that idea the next day. I did end up putting some Hatchimals in them instead of lollies or chocolate. I was given a pack of these a while back for my children and had them sitting in the cupboard, so thought they might be something cute to find as they had a few other they have collected as gifts from friends. My children did get some chocolate on the day. I hid 2 x small Lindt bunnies for my children to find as part of the egg hunt.

2019 Easter egg hunt- every day begins new blog
New dinosaur pajamas for Easter. Both of my children had the same pajamas. Notice Miss 7 is barefoot? She is a lot like me in this regard, I would rather never wear shoes. 

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break. My children are now back at school but it’s only a short week for them.

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