Our current Lego storage set up

Over the weekend we re-organised our Lego to make it a bit more accessible. Initially only starting out with a small amount of second-hand Lego, we have now accumulated a fair bit, mostly from family and friends. Lego is one of the main ‘toys’ that my children play with these days, so I don’t mind that we have this much.

Every Day Begins New- Lego Storage pic 2Our current way of storing our Lego is with the Ikea Trofast shelving storage to store the larger items and an old storage box of ours which use to contain batteries, now being used to house all the smaller items. Every Day Begins New Blog- Lego StorageThere isn’t enough drawers to separate every colour. Currently we have orange and brown and purple and pink in the same container. Every Day Begins New Blog- Lego storage pic 3This little storage box has been working well so far. It mostly contains the Lego people, animals, accessories and any other small items. Every Day Begins New Blog- previous lego storageThis was our previous way of storing Lego. I will admit, that at one point it was all just thrown into that larger wooden box (when we had less Lego). I haven’t always separated the Lego. There is different ways you can store Lego, including by size, however storing them mostly by colour is what both of my children wanted, possibly in part after watching Lego Masters as they saw the colours separated. We have only watched a couple of episodes of the Australian version and it has sparked even more interest in Lego building.

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