Our week….and other things

Well we have had a bit of an interesting start to our week; Mr 5 projectile vomited in the car and on his sister early Monday morning, right as we arrived in the school parking lot. Typically I had only just cleaned out our car and forgot to put the spare towels back in, so he vomited in my jacket as that’s all I could find in a hurry. He was ok though, as we put it down to car sickness. I kept him home for the day just in case, but he was absolutely fine the rest of the day. My daughter got car sick when she was younger and I have always had motion sickness. Not fun.

Today, our car broke down. Luckily though, the timing and the place where it happened (safety wise) was kind of perfect. We happened to have lots of friends around at the time to help. My phone battery was very low so I was able to use one of my friends phones to call for help. We managed to get the car up and running and get home just before it got dark.

We also attended a ”themed’ dress up Birthday party recently. My children went as characters from the Greatest Showman, just using what we already had at home. My youngest had no interest in watching the movie (only really wanting to listen to the songs- so he played nearby) but Miss 7 loved all of it. Both of my children already knew most of the music well, so that helped. Miss 7 did have loads of questions about certain things that happened throughout the movie after watching it over the weekend, that she couldn’t understand/grasp why those things would happen. Why certain characters in the movie were ‘not kind’ to others and why they would treat others so horribly. I won’t spoil anything in case you plan to see it.

themed bday dress up kids party.jpg
Miss 7 had a pink headband on and Mr 5 was wearing a magicians hat.

Library Time;

Library books for Miss 7
Miss 7’s book choices.
Library books for Mr 5
Mr 5’s book choices.

Gosh I look at these book choices and they seem so gender specific. Anyways, out of the choices Miss 7 chose, she only really liked Jessie and Mr Smith and is currently almost finished a Goat Called Willow, which is stories of animals living on a farm. The rest of the books she wasn’t so fussed on and think in some ways she may have only chosen them as many of her friends have been reading them. With Mr 4’s books he only really liked The Hey Jack book, The Chook Doolan book (very similar to Hey Jack series- also easier reads) and is currently reading a Sheepdog Called Sky which is a more challenging read. I think it’s good to let children choose their own books. This way they are figuring out what kind of books they prefer reading. We are due to take these books back in about a weeks time and will choose some more.

My supplements;

Vegan super greens tablets.jpg

In addition to B12 and the Vegan Multivitamin I started taking recently which you can see in a previous post HERE, I have added these Super Greens tabs to boost my greens intake. Again, I only plan on taking this throughout Autumn/Winter as a nutrient gap filler. Not sponsored, just thought I’d share.

We also already use this Synergy- Super Greens powder at home which we sometimes add in our green smoothies. Apparently there is an organic version of these greens but I am yet to see it on the shelves of our local health shop.

Synergy Super Greens.jpg

Upcoming posts;

  1. Workbooks– what my children are currently enjoying using at home (yes they love workbooks).
  2. Some pics of some of the shelves in our children’s current study/play space- more-so their Language and Art area. I have already shared their Lego storage space in a previous post HERE. Funny enough, those images I posted apparently have been somewhat popular on Pinterest.


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