Mother’s Day for 2019

Yesterday was Mother’s Day over here in Australia. We had a fairly quiet day but a lovely one. I had some quality cafe ‘chat time’ with my kiddos in the morning, looked at books together and then spent the afternoon at my mother’s house for afternoon tea. My husband has been overseas for work and my dad is currently in hospital recovering, so it was just my two children, my mum and I this year. Much quieter than our usual family catch ups.

Plant Based afternoon tea for Mothers day.jpgOur afternoon tea consisted of mostly fruit, some vegies, plain corn chips, home-made banana cake and some hot tea and coffee. My children had raspberry hibiscus tea in little ceramic cups which they just loved.

childrens mothers day gifts.jpg
Hand-made Mother’s Day gifts- some made at school and some at a free community children’s Mother’s Day themed craft evening.

Yesterday on Instagram I saw this image called ‘Thinking of You’ by writer, Artist and speaker Mari Andrew which you can view on her page HERE which I think is beautiful sentiment to Mother’s Day.

However you spent the day, know that I was thinking of you too.





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