Workbooks for home use (at 5 and 7 years)

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I hope everyone has had a lovely week so far. In today’s post I am sharing my children’s shared study desk and where/how they store their workbooks/activity books. When I refer to workbooks I am talking about study at home subject books such as Language and Maths whereas activity style workbooks I am referring to other fun type learning books such as ‘search and find’ ‘spot the difference’, puzzle books or ‘maze’ books. All of our creative art type books ‘colouring in’ etc are on my children’s Art trolley which I will share in a separate post.

childrens shared study deskBoth of my children absolutely love to learn and really enjoy using workbooks at home. To keep things tidy and in order my children share this wooden paper organiser, having two shelves each; one shelf for subject style workbooks and the other shelf for their other type of workbooks. children's workbook storageMiss 7 is currently using a Maths 3 workbook plus a coding and brain booster puzzle activity book, whereas Mr 4 has a Maths 2 workbook and a slightly more challenging Usborne World Search book. We don’t have more than a few books each out at the one time. The excess workbooks, activity and art books are kept in a cupboard in the study.

childrens math workbooks for home use
In this same series of books I also have a ‘Tell the Time and Fractions’ workbook for Mr 4 to use down the track.

Naplan practice booksThese Naplan style practice books are ones I have up in our storage cupboard in the study for possible use down the track. Miss 7 has Naplan testing at her school next year, which is optional for her. If she chooses to do it and would like to practice at home, or just would like to use one of these books for general home use then that’s fine. I have a pretty good idea where my children are at learning wise, so can gage when these books would be of use. Miss 7 is currently working working on multiplication and devision at school, but many of these books would be helpful for revision. Keep in mind though that my children go to a Montessori school where they don’t really use workbooks or worksheets in preschool or primary school. Montessori counting beadsAs learning material support, Mr 4 uses these coloured beads as well as the number line and hundreds chart shown below to help him with the addition and subtraction work in the maths workbooks . I prefer that he use some kind of ‘concrete’ material as opposed to just using the workbook on it’s own. Miss 7 is at a different stage and most of her work she can do in her head or work it out on paper.

childrens preschool math support.jpgI have found workbooks, activity books and colouring in books great for travel such as long car or plane rides. We only use pencil in our work and activity books and when finished with them we then hand them down to our family friends younger children to use.


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