What’s on our Shelves- Art, Sewing, Language and Maths

Hi there,

Since moving house we have made a few minor changes to the set up and storage of my children’s Art, craft, math and language supplies. Firstly, I sat down with my children and we wrote down what items they wanted to keep out/were currently using and what items we should put into a container and store in the cupboard in the study. There is no point in having everything out as it becomes overwhelming and the space then becomes too hard to maintain. It’s also nice to let them have the creative freedom to set up their work spaces as they want them. It’s easy to get caught up on aesthetics and trying to make everything look picture perfect.

Art and sewing/knitting shelf:

Firstly, our painting supplies- 1 water colour palette, 1 metal colour mixing plate, and a few acrylic paints as well as paper and some paint brushes are currently being stored on an outdoor art table. Any item from the below Art trolley can be taken outside to work with. This shelf though, is currently stored in the study.

Supporting Independence- Art and sewing shelf.jpg
Ikea-Raskog trolley.

Top shelf; In the metal rack there is currently, one Art reference book and one colouring book. This changes depending on what my children are using at the time. The excess colouring in books are again being stored, in our cupboard in the study. My children will rotate them as they please. The other items missing from this rack is their nature journals. My children have put them in their small ‘adventure backpacks’ ready for our next nature outing. In the wooden caddy are some mixed coloured pencils and some skin tone pencils as well as a few pens, a ruler and a small clipboard. Sometimes my children will use charcoal pencils, but for now, they are in storage.

Middle shelf; On this shelf we have some wooden stencils my youngest was gifted, some mix coloured chalk, a little basket with crayons and pastels in it, a hole punch, glass jar for pencil shavings and some extra pencils in a metal bucket which is the container that my children will take with them if they are going to do some drawing in a different part of the house or outside.

Bottom shelf; Most of our sewing items are in storage. The only sewing and knitting my children are wanting to work on at the moment is french kitting using their home-made knitting forks (see previous post HERE) and embroidery using some linen, a small embroidery hoop, embroidery thread, needles, scissors, sewing chalk and a quick unpick. There is also a small measuring tape and some cotton thread on this shelf.

Our Language/Math shelf:

math and language shelf- Montessori
You can see an image of these coloured counting beads on my previous post HERE.

Top shelf; in the black metal rack both of my children have a folder for ‘currently working on and ‘finished’ projects. They also have a writing journal each. I have mentioned in previous posts that Miss 7 does journal writing every morning in class at her Montessori Lower Primary school. There is also a small chalk board and clipboard and some practice cursive writing guide cards for Mr 5 to use. The children learn cursive and then print at my children’s school, but my children can do both. In the little wooden box Miss 7 put some lead pencils, an erasor, pencil sharpener, a protractor, some little printed out addition and subtraction strips and wooden dice for Mr 5, as well as some Miss 7’s French shadow puppet cards (from Dragonfly toys- see HERE) and some reference cards for the Montessori Grammer symbols (both of my children are using these at school for sentence writing) and a little reference card for the Montessori coloured counting beads which Mr 5 uses a lot. These cards are part of the Children’s GO Wallet Cards and Number Wallet Cards from a kickstarter compaign (So Awesome) who I believe are now no longer making these. We also had their alphabet wallet cards but passed them onto a friend to use with their kids.

math and language storage- Montessori .jpgI will share some more  ‘What’s on our Shelves’ posts soon.

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