Our Week

Hi there,

Just a quick update- my computer stopped working last week so whilst I get that fixed I won’t be posting much. Hopefully will be sorted within a week or so.

Our family has been busy with multiple school events, family get-togethers, catch ups with friends, work including volunteer work and house renovations. I am still painting (inside and outside of the house), doing what I can in my spare time. I would say I am about half done at this point. I will admit that I prefer to spend time in the garden, so sometimes I will choose to do that instead. I really want to work on garden beds with my children so we can grow more of our own food. Currently we are just doing some research together before we get started and then we will draw up some plans.

Yesterday Miss 7 asked if she can have her own room but still sleep in the same room as her brother at night. So I am trying to work out how to do that. I also haven’t yet painted their rooms and am wondering If I should tackle that first- maybe over the weekend.

This weekend I also have a large bag of library books that I have been asked to bind for my children’s school library so I will get that done as well.

This week I also spent time in Mr 5’s Montessori classroom for ‘Working With Your Child’. I got the opportunity to work one-on-one with him for about one hour, to see what materials he has been working on in his classroom. It truly is a special time. Next week I will spend one morning with the children in my son’s classroom for Reading and gardening. Their garden bed isn’t looking too good so we are just going to work on that together.



The above photos are some of the work My youngest did with me. He chose to do work that didn’t take too much time nor was particularly difficult as he had lots of things he wanted to do me including make me a little snack (using an apple slinky and spread on crackers) in the Practical Life section.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend and thanks for following.

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