Our Week plus a few things

Hi there, It’s been a while.

I now have a working computer to use, so should be back to weekly posts from now on. I am very happy to get back into writing as I have missed it. I have never worried about whether or not I am any good at it, I just enjoy writing. It gives me joy.

There is now only two weeks left of school until the holiday break. It’s been a busy week but we are all happy and healthy which is the main thing. In my spare time I managed to do some more outdoor house painting and continued with some garden maintenance work which is really transforming the place. I haven’t yet started our raised garden beds in our backyard space but am hoping to get onto that soon as I am very excited to grow more of our own food. I will definitely share more of this at a later stage.

Montessori Children’s House: During the week I helped out one morning in my son’s Montessori Children’s House classroom with reading and Language work. The below image just shows you some of the Language items we worked with that morning. In the larger basket is some children’s books that vary in order of difficulty from Early Readers to more Advanced Readers. For the children who were not yet up to the Readers, we worked with more of the Pink or Blue Montessori Language series (not shown), sometimes simply matching a word to a picture.

Montessori classroom readers and language work
The weather was absolutely perfect for some outdoor reading.

Montessori Lower Primary:

Last week Miss wanted to take what the children in her Montessori class call a ‘squishy’ ball to school after she saw a few other children using one and wanted to see if it would help her. I guess the concept of this may be similar to why one might use a fidget toy in a classroom environment- possibly for either sensory input or maybe to help with worries.

Fidget toys are often used to provide sensory input in a less distracting way. They can help improve concentration and attention to tasks by allowing the brain to filter out the extra sensory information”. Occupational Therapy

Currently Miss 7 keeps one ‘squishy’ in her school bag for if/when she feels she needs it and one on her work desk at home. I think for her just knowing it’s there is a comfort. We also have an upcoming overseas trip and Miss 7 is wanting to take her squishy on the plane with her as she has worries about the take off and landing and feels it will help. We are also going to pack our noise reduction headphones and eye masks for the trip as well even though it’s not a long flight. I will write more about this particular trip including what we pack in a later post.

stress or fisget ball pic 2stress or fidget ballWhat else have we been up to? Well, Miss 7 lost another tooth. This particular one has been loose for weeks and she is so glad it finally came out. Mr 5 got a haircut (by me) after not wanting to have his hair cut for a long time. One morning he just came to me and said ‘my hair is getting too long mum, I am ready for a haircut’. When I do give my children a hair cut we do it in front of the bathroom mirror so they can see what I am doing at all times. Plus, for them, they find it interesting to watch me cut their hair.

Last weekend we went to a ‘nature based’ family fun day where we learnt all about nature including water conservation. As part of a talk we listened to on water, we were given a three minute timer to use in the shower. We try not to waste water, but this talk gave us a few more ideas on how to be more mindful of our water usage.

Upcoming Post: Early next week I will post my most recent Montessori Family Interview with Christina from the Montessori-ish Mom Blog. You can view some of my past Interviews HERE.


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