Our week and other things

Hooray it’s Friday! Well It’s Friday here in Australia. Miss 7 has been off school most of this week with an ear infection. Seems she likely picked up something from swimming whilst we were in Fiji and developed a bacterial infection. We are on top of it now and she is feeling so much better and has gotten her appetite back. There was no point in sending her to school as all she wanted to do was sleep and the fact that she only really wanted liquid foods (not much of an appetite and it hurt to chew), so I made her lots of smoothies, juices, broths and soups etc. Seemed to do the trick. It’s amazing how many nutrients I was able to pack in though! Also focusing on the simple things like rest, sunshine and fresh air does absolute wonders!

Other than that, I have finished up a few projects at home and done so more painting. It feels like I will never be done with painting as I can only really work on a little bit at a time. It’s getting there though and I can see the house transforming. It’s amazing what a little T.L.C can do to an older home.

We have now almost finished building one of our cement garden beds along the whole  side of the house. We plan on putting some sort of tropical plants in to help with privacy so we don’t look directly onto our neighbours house plus we are so inspired after seeing the beautiful tropical plants in Fiji…some we can grow where we are in Australia. We are yet to start on our garden beds at the back of the house which will be more to grow our own foods. I can’t wait to do this! Miss 7 wants to use stencils and paint to decorate the outside of them. She has plans and some big ideas for the garden beds and has been busy researching what we can grow and when we need to plant according to where we live etc.

Kitchen garden
Our children’s garden patch- Rainbow chard. This garden bed was here when we moved in. It needs to be re-built and not right up against a wooden fence as it will cause wood rot over time. There is also a large chilli bush in this garden bed as well. 
Kitchen garden- tomatoes and passionfruit
Passionfruit and tomatoes. 

This afternoon I need to make up approx 160 of these little square wooden stick frames to be used for weaving for a large group of 3-6 year old Montessori school children. I am still volunteering, at this point, just fortnightly, when and where I can at my children’s school.

woden weaving frame for 3-6 year old children.jpg
DIY wooden weaving frame. The children will use pre-cut coloured ribbon to weave with. 

I have been thinking about this for a while and even though we don’t currently home school, I plan to write up a list/reference and add to it over time of any learning resources we are using at home. Maybe someone with children in the second plane of development (6-9 years) might find it helpful. My youngest still has another year in Children’s House (3-6 years) until he transitions to Lower Primary however he is using some of the same learning resources as his sister at home.

I have had schooling on my mind a whole lot. I have a Plan A, Plan B and a Plan C for schooling in mind if Montessori schooling or even mainstream schooling just doesn’t work out for my children for whatever reason. At the moment, they are both really enjoying school and are happy. I am open to homeschooling and I am also open to the possibility of World Schooling (schooling whilst travelling) and have been doing some researching on both of these options. I don’t plan on changing anything at this point, but I am keeping an open mind.

I am also waiting for my copy of The Brave Learner by Julie Bogart to arrive. This book was recommended to me recently so I thought I would give it a read. 

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