Forming Healthy Daily Habits

For a while now I have been trying to implement some healthy habits into my daily life. I do my best to be consistent, which is not always my strong point- including time management! However I know always feel so much better overall when I do these items on my list every single day;

  1. Water
  2. Yoga stretches
  3. Write
  4. Pre-packed snack and lunch
  5. Movement
  6. Sunshine
  7. Read
  8. Journal

Water: The three main times I remind myself to drink water is 2 glasses first thing in the morning (after waking up), 1 glass before a shower and 1 glass before bed. In addition, whether I am at home during the day or out and about,  I have a 2L bottle filled with water as my reminder to drink.

Stretches: I will be honest here, I try to do this every day but I sometimes get caught up with other things and either forget or only get around to doing this once a day. I aim to do 10 minutes of yoga stretches after my drink of water, first thing in the morning and again, for approx 10 minutes before going to bed. I have found stretching each day to relieve some of my back discomfort from sitting/standing at a desk working for long periods of time.

Write: After my morning stretches I then like to write down usually in list form what I Ideally want to get done that day. This avoids time wastage or the chance of me forgetting to do something.

Pre-packed snacks and lunch: It’s too easy and sometimes wasteful for me to either forget to eat properly or grab something on the go. It’s cheaper and healthier for me to make up something for myself to eat during the day at the same time as my children and hubby are prepping their food for the day. I don’t feel like decision making fatigue over what foods to pack in the morning, so we all usually have an idea what we will pack for school/work etc the night before. For me, I have been making sure I have at least a variety of whole foods each day. I don’t panic over each meal being perfect, I usually look at colours (rainbow food) when packing food and make a mental note of what we have all consumed throughout the day. If we haven’t had enough of something during the day, then we might add it to dinner or a drink/smoothie for example.

Healthy whole food meal prep
An example; here is my lunch and snack for today- for snack in the Lunchbots Cinco is a combination of vegies, fruit, nuts and seeds with hummus dip and for lunch is a salad with roast pumpkin, tomato, cucumber, onion, spinach, chickpeas and hemp seeds. I prepped most of it the night before.

Movement: Whatever I am doing, I try to not sit or stand in the one position for too long a period. Mixing it up helps. If I need to work on my computer, I will do a combination of sitting and standing but also some foot stretches (thanks to reading some of Katie Bowman’s work on nutritious movement). I find even doing things like hanging washing on the line, washing dishes or gardening for example, is great ways to naturally move more. I am not in the habit of going on daily walks at this point- yet! I do some days though, usually with a friend, but just not every day. I definitely do not like to sit for long periods of time as I start to feel tired, so whatever movement I can get during the day, my body is thankful for it.

Sunshine: It’s Winter here is Australia, if one can even really call it a Winter as it doesn’t get that cold here, however some days there is a lack of sunshine and warmth. I honestly feel amazing once I have spent some time in the sun and feel blessed that it’s sunny where I live most of the year. If I am having ‘one of those off days’, I will make sure I spend some time in the sunshine and fresh air and it really helps me lift my mood.

Read: In whatever form, I like to read. I don’t necessarily read from a book every day, but I do loads of research every single day.

Journal: I find journal writing and reflection, helpful. I have been doing it on and off since High School (Middle School). I love that at my children’s Montessori school, they encourage daily journal writing starting in Lower Primary (from 6+ years) as soon as the child is able to write.

Do you have any daily habits or ones that you would like to implement in your day-to-day life?

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