Lower Primary camp 2019 (supporting Independence and plant-based eating)

Miss 7 went on school camp recently….crazy huh! I only went on school camp from around 10 years of age.  However, Miss 7 wanted to go and had an absolute blast! The children were well taken care of and it was just for the one night. I am thinking of volunteering and going along next year to help out.

Miss 7 packed her own bags by working to a check off list. This same list, she packed in one of her bags so she could keep track of what she took with her and to make sure it all comes back home. Miss 7 also really likes list making.

Here is what Miss 7 packed herself;

school camp
The suitcase dimensions; 47.5cm (Height) x 33cm (Width) x 20cm (Depth) & 2.9kg. The backpack is child-sized. The sleeping bag is also child-sized. The largest item was the pillow.

In her small suitcase (on wheels);

  • Warm day clothes (old clothing). This was for any possible weather changes (currently Winter) and clothes for the next day.
  • Closed in old shoes (joggers)with socks for day time and thongs for the shower
  • Beanie and mittens, jacket and padded vest
  • Bath towel
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, soap)
  • Small torch
  • Essential oil ‘sleep blend’ roll on
  • Soft toy to cuddle
  • Wet clothes bag- we used our swim bag

In her small day pack (back pack);

  • Wide brimmed hat
  • Re-fillable water bottle
  • Roll on sunscreen and insect repellent


  • small sleeping bag
  • Pillow plus pillow case

All items needed to be clearly labelled. Another option, which I saw some other children doing, was to take one larger suitcase that would fit a pillow and sleeping bag in. This would mean that the child only needs to potentially carry a small backpack on their back and look after one other bag and would keep the pillow clean. Miss 7 wanted to take her small suitcase as it was light weight and was happy to carry all the other items separately. She could have also taken a smaller pillow but opted for a larger one in the end.

Plant-based eating during school camp:

For food, this is what Miss 7 had;

Breakfast: hash brown, toast and baked beans

Snacks: fruit plus an egg-free slice of vegan cake

Lunch: salad wrap with a chickpea based pattie.

Dinner: pasta with a tomato and vegetable base sauce

Dessert: dairy free ice cream and canned fruit (peaches and pears)

The children were not able to take any of their own food with them as this is a fully catered for camp. This year Miss 7 was one of five plant-based eaters. There was also some children that had specific allergies or an intolerance to dairy or gluten for example. All the children were well catered for and seemed to enjoy the food.

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