Our At-Home Learning Resources (July-Dec 2019) #1

For anyone interested, I wrote up a list of some of the learning resources my children are currently using/enjoying at home. I will again, re-visit this post at the beginning of next year (Jan-June) and let you know of any changes made. What I aim to do is follow my children’s learning (“follow the child”) and support any interests. This list will focus mostly just on online resources and workbooks. We do also have/use some concrete learning materials and plenty of reading/research books for example which also supports learning.

2019 July-December:

Miss 7:

Online Resources:

  • MATHS: Mathseeds- (core maths and problem-solving skills). We always use this program with the support of some of our concrete Montessori-like math materials such as the coloured beads and golden beads, our 3D wooden geometric shapes, our wooden read the time clock, etc. I also sit with my children and support them when using this program.
  • FRENCH- ABC French App
  • AUSLAN- RIDBC Auslan Tutor
  • TOUCH TYPING: Typing Club (basic touch typing)

Miss 7 has been using Mathseeds on and off for a while. She is now at the tail end of it and will likely finish using this program by the end of the year. Miss 7 has been learning French at school for the past year and has been using a phone app called ABC French for practice. Recently Miss 7 and I out of interest have started to learn some basic AUSLAN (Australian sign language signs). We are currently using a free app in which you can find more information about HERE. Miss 7 has been doing a little bit of touch typing at school and wanted to practice at home. She mentioned to me that she had used Typing Club at school. We just recently renewed out ArtVenture (online Art lessons) subscription for use until the end of the year.

ArtVenture at home with online art lessons.jpg
Miss 7 using ArtVenture at home.

I have also mentioned previously that there is only the one shared computer in Miss 7’s Montessori Lower Primary classroom (for 6 -9-year-olds). So far Miss 7 has used it for touch typing, writing stories with the help of taking photos, downloading them onto the computer and then adding them to her story). At home we don’t have ipads and all share one computer. This works well for us.


  • Excel Basic Skills (English and Maths) Year 1
  • Scholastic Learning Express- Multiplication and Division & Fractions and Graphs
  • Keyboard- Progressive Keyboard Book 1
  • Recorder- Progressive Recorder Book 1 (also learning the recorder at school)

Mr 5 :

Online Resources: 

  • MATHS: Mathseeds (I sit with/support Mr 5 when using this program)
  • ART: ArtVenture (I sit with/support Mr 5 when using this program as well as do the lesson myself).


  • School Zone- BIG Maths and Maths Basics Book 2 (alternates between the two books).
  • Keyboard- Progressive Keyboard Book 1

Previous Posts:

  1. Workbooks for Home Use (at 5 and 7 years) see HERE
  2. Screen Time and Schedules see HERE
  3. ArtVenture at home- Online Art Lessons for Children see HERE

My children don’t tend to use screens during the school week (Mon-Thurs), with Fridays after school being the exception. After school is for just play or rest. Screens are sometimes used a bit over the weekend, but more so over the school holidays,  if someone is having a sick/rest day at home or sometimes for travel (long car rides/plane travel), etc. Workbooks are on my children’s work desks to be used any time they like.


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