Gardening with kids update 2019- indoor composting, worm farm and what we are planting in September (Spring)

Since moving to our new home, we have slowly started to set up an outdoor garden with a mixture of Australian natives (attracts birds, bees, butterflies), flowers, fruit trees, potted herbs as well as a mixed variety of vegetables. We were lucky to get an already established large mulberry bush a pawpaw tree and a chilli bush already planted here in the backyard.

So far we have planted in our new garden;

  • Grevilleas (mixed varieties and colours)
  • Aloha Mandevilla climber (white flowers)
  • Passionfruit vine
  • Lemon tree
  • Avocado tree
  • Cherry tomatoes

Recently we set up a mini green house for my children to help look after. They planted some mixed lettuce, spinach and rocket leaf seeds. They also have some snake beans and mini eggplant as little plants soon ready to plant in a pot or the ground.

Gardening with kids-seedlings
Mini greenhouse seedlings- mixed lettuce, spinach and rocket seeds.
Gardening with kids- mini greenhouse
Our current mini greenhouse with seed tray set up at child-height, using an old shoe rack as a stand.

Indoor composting: During our house move our large outdoor compost bucket was badly damaged. One of the first things we did once we moved into our new home was to use what we already had to create some kind of outdoor compost system. The previous owners left a smallish old metal chicken coop which worked well as a compost container for several months, until we attracted unwanted guests (turkeys) which also resulted in setting of a very large dog living next door to bark loudly whenever the turkeys were nearby which was every morning and afternoon. So we temporarily gave up on this idea and focused on using our indoor Maze brand compost system. All the scraps that land in this compost bucket end up mostly going to the worms in our outdoor worm farm.

Maze Bokashi indoor composting bin.jpg
Both of my children can reach/use this bokashi bucket. There is a small fold-up step nearby.

Our Worm Farm– ( “simple way of converting food scraps and organic matter into a nutrient rich organic fertiliser called worm castings”. We have had this worm farm set up for over a year now.

Worm farm.jpg
Both of my children take turns feeding the worms our food scraps.

Future Garden Plans: Our plan over the next six months is to create several raised garden beds amongst a retaining wall. We also plan on somehow incorporating a compost system into those garden beds. We have plans on creating a wall mounted aquaponics system, so more on that in future posts once it’s established and establishing a proper greenhouse.

On another note- anyone like snakes? I went out into the backyard this morning to check on some plants and had what looked like an Australian whip snake slither straight passed me.



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